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General Comments

Christmas Tradition
New Year's Eve 2005
Why Cook?
Food, Wine, Culture - Why all the fuss?
Eat Healthy to Reduce risks of Breast Cancer
Congratulations Whole Foods Market – Whole Foods supports Organic Farmers
Americans are Stupid!
Tartufo 2006 – Truffle Season 2006 best in decades
Carne Chianina The king of the Bovine for the king of Steaks - The Florentine
The Secret of How to cook Italian

Caffe' Around Italy

Caffe’ all’Italiana – How to make Italian Coffee
Caffe Valdostana – Coffee from Valle d’Aosta and the Friendship Cup

Christmas Breads

- Panettone Milano
- Pandoro Verona
- Pandolce Genova
- Panforte Siena

Easter Breads
- Colomba
- Casatiello – Savory Easter Bread from Campania
- Gubana - Holiday Bread from Friuli

Other Holiday Breads and Torts
- Pane dei Morti – Bread of the Dead
- Torta Bertulina – Antique Grape Bread from Crema
- Turta de Lac – Torta di Pane – Torta del Paese - Hmmmm Chocolate!

- Aromatic Herb Bread

- Biga The Mother of Bread

- Casereccio – Italian Homemade Bread
- Ciabatta – What is it? Slippers or Bread
- Italian poor man’s bread - Il Filone and the forbidden Scarpetta
- Focaccia Genovese - Traditional
- Grissini from Turin
- Pane alla Birra - Provincial Italian Beer Bread – Italy is more than wine
- Pane alle Olive
- Pane Mediterraneo – Italian Provincial Bread with Olives and Cherry Tomatoes
- Pane al Pesto
- Pane Pugliese – Loaf Bread from Puglia
- Pane Siciliano Mafalda - Sicilian White Bread with Sesame
- Pane Toscano – Bread from Tuscany
- Pane alle Noci – Italian Walnut Bread Rolls
- Pizza Dough – Pane per la Pizza e Focaccia
- Rosetta – Italian rose shaped dinner rolls
- Tartaruga – Italian Turtle Bread – A panino lover’s dream

- Chiacchere di Carnevale – Fried Pastry for Carnival
- Cream Pie with Cherries and Chocolate
- Pasta Sfoglia II - Salted Pastry Dough for Vegetable Pies
- Pastiera Napolitana
- Strudel di Mele – Apple Strudel

Dried Meats
- Prosciutto – Parma or San Daniele – Which is the best?

Bruschetta – The One The Traditional
Caprese – Mozzarella di Bufala Campana and Tomatoes
Crostini - Tomatoes & Basil
Crostini - Sausage and Mascarpone
Tartar of Shrimp and Artichoke – Antique Appetizer worthy of the Contemporary Chef
Shrimp Cocktail – Cocktail di Gamberi

Vellutata – The Mother of Italian White Sauces

Meat Sauce - David
Meat Sauce #1 - Ragu - Raffaella
Meat Sauce #2 - Ragu with Porcini Mushrooms - Raffaella
Pesto Genovese

Primi - Pasta, Risotto, Ravioli

Gnocchi – Little Puffs of Pleasure and Delight
Gnocchi alla Bava – Gnocchi with oozing Fontina Cheese
Valdostana Fondue – Fonduta Valdostana

Salads and Soups
Insalata di Mare – Italian Seafood Salad
Insalata di Pasta – Tuna Pasta Salad
Insalata Primavera – Dandelion Salad
Insalata di Riso – Rice Salad - Summertime Treat

Pappa al Pomodoro – Tuscan Tomato Soup

Risotto al Barolo con Salsiccia
Risotto ai Funghi Porcini – Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms
Risotto alla Milanese – Saffron, Yellow always Milan
Risotto with the flavor of Springtime – Risotto Primavera
Risotto Scampi e Asparagi – Risotto Shrimp and Asparagus
Risotto with Zucchini Flowers

Spaghetti Tagliatelle Linguine Fettucine Farfalle Shells and other Pasta with Sauces
Pasta al Uovo - Tagliatelle Lasagne Ravioli
Bucatini alla Matriciana - Paternity Challenged
Cozze Marinara – Linguine Mussel Marinara
Gentildonna di Campagna - Pasta and the sauce of the Gentile Woman of the Country
Spaghetti alla Carbonara - A hot meal, fast and easy
Tagliatelle with Pesto and Crawfish
Pasta with Shrimp in a wine sauce and Pesto
Sausage and Heavy Cream Sauce - Panna e Salsiccia

Ravioli Tortellini and other Pasta wraps
Ravioli Asparagus and Chicken Ravioli with Gorgonzola Mascarpone and Walnuts
Ravioli - Lobster & Shrimp
Ravioli di Magro - Ricotta and Spinach

Tortellini - How to make
Caramelle con Salsa di Noci - Gift wrapped Cheeses with a Walnut Sauce (Caramelle is the way the pasta is folded)
Tortellini in Brodo di Cappone
Tortelli Cremaschi – Traditional Pasta of Ferragosto - Specialty of Crema

Pasta with Tuna

Secondi - Entrees Meats
Abbacchio Brodettato - Suckling Lamb in Broth
Agnello Cacio e Uovo - Lamb Cheese and Eggs

Brasato al Barolo – Pot Roast al Barolo
Chicken Cacciatora with Mushrooms

Parmigiana di Melanzane – Eggplant Parmesan or Persian Eggplant

Fagiano alla Crema di Latte – Pheasant in Cream Sauce
Filetto al Gorgonzola – Filet with Gorgonzola
Beef Filet with Mushrooms - Filetto di Manzo ai Funghi

Lasagna al Pesto

Messicani – Mexicans, stuffed with sausage, spiked with Sage, sautéed in butter

Osso Buco with red sauce

Pork Chops with Pure

Smacafam - Kill the Hunger
Tuscan Chianti Beef Stew – Stracotto al Chianti Toscano

Zampone con Lenticchie
Zucchine Pie

Secondi - Entrees Fish
Rombo allo Spumante - Seabass with Sparkling Wine
Fagottino Indivia e Salmone – Salmon and Indivia
Shrimp Scampi – What’s that you say, Shrimp Shrimp?
Sicilian Wraps - Involtini alla Siciliana – Fish

Contorni - Side Dishes
Cauliflower Pie
Cipolline alla Senape Arancione – Spring Onions with Dijon Mustard Sauce
Zuppa di Cipolle – Onion Soup Valdostana Style

Mostarda di Cremona – Christmas means Hot & Spicy Fruit
Pumpkin Soup with Gorgonzola
Pumpkin Soup
Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary – Patate Arrosto con Rosmarino

Cheesecake – Italian - Greek - American?
Chocolate Mousse – Exponential Decadence Realized
Crema Pasticcera – Italian Pastry Chef’s Cream
- Strudel di Mele – Apple Strudel
Torta Bertulina – Antique Grape Bread from Crema
Torrone from Cremona - Italian Christmas Tradition
Turta de Lac – Torta di Pane – Torta del Paese - Hmmmm Chocolate!

Foods of Carnival

Cicerchiata - Italian Carnival Treats from Abruzzo
Frittelle di Mele – Apple Fritters
Mini Krapfen with Cream Filling
Smacafam - Kill the Hunger
Tortelli di Milano

Italian Diets
The Italian “I ate too much over the Holidays” Diets
Beat those extra Carbohydrates
Italian Diet, When Meat is your Passion
Italian Diet, Appetizers and Finger Foods, sneaky little devils!
Italian Diets, Fight your Sweet Tooth with the Fruit Diet
Italian Diet - I can’t resist the Snacks!
Italian Diet - Combating the Alcohol Splurges

Kitchen Tools
Kitchen Accessories - Italian Fashion Accessories 2007

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