Thursday, November 10, 2005

Dinner – Crostini with Basil and Tomatoes

Today the temperature has dropped below 70 degrees so my balcony basil will not last much longer. This is my adaptation for Crostini with Basil. Italian Basil grows best in Liguria, where the climate is very mild and the breeze contains salt from the sea mist. It is difficult to have the same dominating flavor from Basil grown on my balcony here in Dallas so I have modified the way I prepare the crostini to exalt the Basil and get the blend I am looking for.


Tuscan or Genovese loaf Bread (that is the round bread with a thick crust) cut into slices
4 leaves of Basil for each Crostino
¼ clove of Garlic for each Crostino
2 very thinly sliced pieces of tomato for each Crostino
Olive Oil
Fresh Ground Pepper

Brush Olive Oil on one side of sliced bread. Place in the toaster or under the broiler for a light brown color. Chop the Garlic very fine (this is different than in Italy which would grate the garlic on the toasted bread). Cut the Basil into thin strips, this will accentuate the flavor. Once the bread is lightly browned, place the Basil on the oiled side of the bread. Dip the tomato slices in the garlic, this will spread the garlic evenly over the tomato, and place the tomato on top of the Basil. Salt and pepper. Drizzle the olive oil over the tomatoes and place back in the toaster or under the broiler just long enough to warm the tomatoes. This will release the flavor of the Garlic and the Basil.

The crostini can be served immediately or within ½ hour. Serve with a Pinot Grigio or with a mixed drink. We like homemade Margaritas, Rum Sidecar, or maybe a Vodka Gran Marnier.


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Anonymous Claude said...

Whee! I love me the Crostini. There's a place on Long Island that I go to once in awhile. They make it with a flat bread, almost like pizza crust but a little thicker, so it's self-contained rather than sliced, and put a thin slice of mozzarella on it. Served cold or warm, it's all good. And the fresh basil makes all the difference.

7:08 AM


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