Sunday, December 31, 2006

Italian Diet - Combating the Alcohol Splurges

Glasses of wine, flutes of Prosecco, and bottles of Spumante are the symbols of a great party. If you are like me, wine is an important part of every meal but, when with friends or family, a great glass of wine just seems right as I savor the warm company and lively chatter. The holidays are also an occasion to get together with friends or work acquaintances that have absent during the year. For some reason, getting together for Happy hour seems to be the best way to spend quality time discussing the events of the previous year. Alcohol is one of the most efficient forms of sugars. It immediately metabolizes in the blood and is either consumed or sits right on the places where it is least appreciated. Wining and dining over the holidays can ruin a years worth of attention to your weight. This diet can help regain control over those 5 pounds that can be acquired partying till the wee hours of the morning.

Following this diet will return you to your normal weight in just a few weeks. It will also combat some of the effects of dehydration that can result from too much alcohol.

The Liquids Diet

Breakfast: Cappuccino, Pineapple Juice, 2 pieces of Toast with Honey.

Lunch: Orange Juice, 70 grams of Penne with Vegetables and 40 grams of Ricotta.

Dinner: 1 cup of Vegetable broth, 150 grams of Turkey Breast (baked in foil with Olive Oil), Green Salad with Olive Oil and Vinegar, ½ roll.

Lunch: Carrot Juice, 150 grams of Insalata di Mare (Seafood Salad), Boiled Potato with Olive Oil and Parsley, steamed Spinach.

Dinner: Zucchini soup with 30 grams of Crostini, 100 grams of Prosciutto Crudo, sliced Fennel Bulb with vinegar, 1/2 glass of Red Wine.

Lunch: Pineapple Juice, 2 Beef Shish kabobs (120 grams beef) with Bell Peppers and Onions, ½ roll, 2 slices of Pineapple.

Dinner: 1 bowl of Minestrone, 2 Eggplant rolls filled Ricotta (50 grams) and mint, Green Salad.

Lunch: Tomato Juice, Roast Chicken Leg with Curry, 1 medium Baked Potato, Cantaloupe.

Dinner: Minestrone with pasta (40 grams of pasta), 30 grams of Parmesan Cheese, Carrots, ½ Glass White Wine.

Lunch: Celery soup, a 2 Egg Omelet, 1/2 roll, Salad.

Dinner: Minestrone, breaded Artichoke hearts.

Lunch: Grapefruit Juice, 150 grams of Baked Trout with 100 grams of Mashed Potatoes, 2 slices of Pineapple.

Dinner: 1 small pizza, 1 small bottle of Beer.

Lunch: Apple Juice, 120 grams of Veal Rolls filled with Spinach, mixed steamed Vegetables, wild Berries (or Strawberries) with lemon juice.

Dinner: Multigrain roll with Prosciutto Crudo, Lettuce, Onions, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes and Cucumbers.


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Blogger Alfonso Cevola said...

need anything from the Island?

1:51 PM

Blogger ChickyBabe said...

After my indulgences of late, all I need is a glass of water and a lettuce leaf!

Happy 2007 to you and Rafaella!

5:34 PM


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