Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Courmayeur – Hot Italian Winter Vacation with snow on the Ground

Whether for the New Year’s Eve Bash or for a white week vacation to interrupt the long month at work, the white vacation is a unique opportunity to rejuvenate. Courmayeur is one of the preferred winter vacation spots for Italians. It is not just because it offers some of the best ski slopes in the world but it is also a fantastic place just to hang out and chat with new friends. Nestled in the Italian Alps in the shadow of the famous Monte Bianco, Courmayeur is a paradise of breathtaking views.

On any given day on the streets of Courmayeur you can find numerous individuals of the European “Who’s who”. This quaint destination caters to the traveler who wants to find all the excitement of the big city along with the personalized service of an esclusive vacation destination. Do not despair if skiing is not your thing. The shopping in Courmayeur is an experience in itself. The local hospitality infrastructure offers numerous winter activities, nightspots and generally fun activities. Needless to say most hotels offer complete spa treatments and some have created wellness packages ranging from a few days to a full weeks of decadent pamering.

I would suggest staying at the Hotel Courmayeur, Via Roma n°158 11013 Courmayeur (AO), if this is an adult vacation. For a family the Dolonne, Via della Vittoria n° 62 - Loc. Dolonne 11013 Courmayeur (AO), is a perfect spot. For those who may want to spend more time alone, with a great view the hotel Mont Blanc Village, Loc. La Croisette 36 11015 La Salle (AO) is definitely the way to go.

This is one of the reasons the rich and famous make Courmayeur one of their must visit destinations during the year. For the holidays, Courmayeur is going all out, a fireworks display on the 30th and every hotel is throwing some type of party. Food is an important part of any quality vacation. Courmayeur offers a selection of restaurants from fine and fancy dining to mountaineer trattoria. The area produces an frizzy Chardonnay that goes extremely well with the Fontina and Saouceusse e bdeun, a local version of dried meats.

It would be sin not to speak of the wide range of winter sports. There are instructors, classes and entire schools dedicated to Downhill skiing, cross country, snowboarding, ice climbing, and off trail. There are 25 slopes within a few minutes by bus. The courses offered go from novice to professional. This is the opportunity to learn from the best in the world and perhaps participate in some friendly competition.

Evenings in Courmayeur are no less exhilarating than the day on the slopes. Hot chocolate sipped gently in front of a full wall fireplace quickly turns to Caffe Valdostano. Dinner and Dancing are also part of the everyday activities so rest well before thinking about a vacation in Courmayeur. Finally Courmayeur is romantic. Whether it is your first trip with your partner or you have been together for a lifetime, Courmayeur is passion. It is your dream of cuddling on a cold winter’s night. It is beautiful people living the best of life. It is peace of the soul.


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Absolutely wonderful. Happy Christmas David and family.

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Lexcen Thank You. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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