Sunday, September 24, 2006

Paris Hilton and Prosecco in a Can!

No, Paris Hilton has not be liquefied and bottled for consumption of the mass markets, even though I believe many would like to see that, obviously each individual for different reasons. An Austrian company has taken a lesson from the book of success written by American Businesses, “How to effectively make money through false advertising.” In order to get around EU laws protecting quality products and trademarks the Rich Corporation purchased grapes grown in the Prosecco region of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano and created a wine spitzer carefully naming it, “Sparkling beverage.”

To increase the success of this product the company hired Paris Hilton as the spokesperson, creating an aggressive ad campaign with sexy pictures of Paris Hilton drinking the beverage in a gold can with a straw. The only places I have seen sparkling beverages consumed with a straw, are strip bars across the world. The strippers, who get paid to drink some poor quality champagne with clients, swirl the paper covering on the straw to eliminate the bubbles since they make a percentage of the purchase price of the bottle. Drinking several bottles of bubbly wine in an evening would bloat them enough to rival the biggest of whales!

It is not surprising that the Italian association of wine producers is condemning this product and will move for tougher legislation to eliminate this type of bastardization in the future. I do not see this as a problem in Italy, wine spitzers are a great success with 18-24 crowd but they are not confused about the difference between a wine and a spitzer. It is outside of the European community that the problem may have long term, devastating effects on the producers of Prosecco. Remember this stuff is like Coca Cola with alcohol.

Next year you can expect to find the RichProsecco in all of the hip bars. A word of thought, as you are swirling and sipping this Prosecco spitzer someone will most likely ask you to dance, not on the dance floor but on the table, dollar bills in hand. If your boyfriend offers you a Prosecco in a can, he is most likely trying to tell you something.


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Blogger GollyGumDrops said...

I'll aim to keep clear of RICH, and strip bars. I do rather like Prosecco with peach or mango pulp - that tastes a little too much like pop, but I like to think of it as a healthy fruit drink.

2:36 PM

Blogger Italian Wine Guy® said...

so that would be sip n' strip?

9:07 PM

Blogger Expat Traveler said...

as you love the blimp, I can't stop laughing at this article... haha..

yeah a sparkling bev...

7:39 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Golly A Bellini is definitely fun! Simply, a bit bubbly, peach, and served in a flut, great for celebrations or before dinner drinks.

IWG I had not thought of it that way, perhaps I should make it a subtitle.

Expat I had fun writing this. It was natural, no editing, it was what I was thinking as I read the ANSA article. I guess I put weird things together sometimes. As Raffaella and I discussed this new beverage we had to read and reread the various news feeds.

7:56 AM

Anonymous Jennifer said...

Always nice to see American culture contributing to rest of the world :)

8:00 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Jennifer Our businesses have written several new books in the last 15 years and our "rising stars" are putting the best attributes to work to support the spread of Cowboy Capitalism. Perhaps a YouTube video is in the works!

8:14 AM

Anonymous DJ MO said...

Showbiz News
Paris Hilton's w(h)ining outrage
Monday, 25th September 2006, 12:23
-----------------------------------LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - Paris Hilton has caused outrage by starring in a wine advert just weeks after being arrested for drink driving.

The 'Stars Are Blind' singer agreed to be the face of Italian wine-maker Prosecco and posed for raunchy photos to promote their sparkling wine range 'Rich'.

However, road safety campaigners have been left fuming over the sexy ads, saying Paris is not suited for the campaign after her recent drink-driving scandal.

Andrea Dan, the president of Italy's Road safety Society said: "She has just only been arrested for drink-driving and a few days later she is promoting an alcoholic drink. What sot of image is that?"

The 25-year-old was arrested on 7 September in Hollywood after she was pulled over for "driving erratically" and failed a sobriety test.

Meanwhile, Paris stunned onlookers in Los Angeles when she broke down in tears after being approached by a young fan.

One onlooker said: "Paris seemed really sad and tried to explain that she was in a rush. When the young girl asked if everything was OK, Paris shook her head before fleeing in tears."

5:16 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

DJ Mo While I can sympathize with any substance abuse difficulties that Paris Hilton may, or may not, have, the real crime is that a traditional, antique product of quality is being damaged using sleazy business practices and false advertising.

You see, Paris' time will come and go but Prosecco will be here, and has been here, for hundreds of years.

The article is incorrect in stating the company producing this product is Italian. The company is Austrian. Additionally who is this Andrea Dan? I have never heard of him or his organization. The only campaign against drunk driving in Italy is about truck drivers from northern European countries driving completely wasted after numerous beers along the route.

There is also great concern for kids returning home on Sat and Sun mornings between 4-6 AM high on drugs after a long night in the DISCO but they usually only kill themselves and for the most part normal people are not on the roads at that time of the weekend.

6:29 AM


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