Sunday, September 16, 2007

Festa del Barolo – September - A Celebration of Wine & Culture

In the land of the king of wines a two day celebration of flavors has just concluded. Every year during in the first 15 days of September the town of Barolo holds its annual festival. Lover’s of food and wine alike wait, with anticipation, for one of the most antique town festivals of the Langhe. The Festa del Barolo is not just about wine. It is an occasion to experience the traditions and culture that go into the production of the king of wines.

The city of Barolo has organized the festival as a guided tour. The trip begins with an exhibition of local artists. The cultural exposure lasts just about an hour. There is time for caffe and cornetti before beginning the full immersion tour of the culinary delights of the Langhe. The hour long visit to the artist’s booths is one of the few occasions to meet a wide range of local artists.

Barolo is known for wine and Piemonte is known for its exquisite dishes. At one time this was the home to kings. The traditional recipes are a unique experience for the refined palate. The food and wine tour begins at 10:30. A visit to each of the local producers offers new flavors:

Salumi d'anatra (seasoned and cured duck meats), coppa and filet al Barolo
Appetizers of Piemonte, Eggplant wraps with tuna and capers, crostone con crema ghiotta
Veal, lard spiked with honey, Cured and cooked fresh Salami al Barolo
Agnolotti with a red meat sauce
Sapori umbri di Spello
Fried Mushrooms
Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Imperia
Parisian snails and snail fritatta
Stuffed Bell Peppers filled with Mushrooms, Salami and cheeses
Tinche di Ceresole in carpione
Risotto al Barolo
Ravioli Butter and Sage
The latest release of Barolo DOCG
Castelmagno, Bra, Valle Sacra, Caprino Dolce, Herb Pecorino
Margaro, Murazzano, Rashera and Sejrass del Fen cheeses.

These are just a few of the delights. Some of the after dinner digestive dishes are:

Cheese and Honey, Grape Mostarda, Wine Jello
Nebbiolo Grappa Sorbet
Chocolate covered Peaches
Barolo di Barolo
Barolo Chinato offered with various selections of chocolate

Two days does not seem to be long enough to get through this smorgasbord of luxurious treats.

The month of September is a great time to visit Piemonte. The new wines are in the vats and with the cooler temperatures the food is more satisfying. The Festa di Barolo is one event not to miss. Perhaps a longer vacation could include Barolo and Barbaresco to then culminate in the Fiera del Tartufo in Alba!


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