Saturday, July 14, 2007

Agriturismo Villa la Favorita –Alba – Wine, honey, and Cucina Piemontese

Piedmont is a great fall and winter vacation destination. The Italian Alps just a short drive away, some of the best wines in the world concentrated in a small area, honey farms on most every hill and some of the most refined Italian cuisine with wild game, hearty roasts and sauces, tartufo and cheeses that will knock your socks off. If that were not enough there is an agriturismo, located about one mile from the city center of Alba, that offers all of this in one place. Agriturismo Villa la Favorita is a little known agriturismo on the road to Cherasco.

The primary residence was built in the early 900s and recently restructured to permit guest. The agriturismo is located on 10,000 mt2. Most of the land is planted with fruit trees and grapevines. This is the land of Nebbiolo. Villa la Favorita produces Nebbiolo d’Alba and Grignolino Piemonte. This is a family owned and operated agriturismo. Signora Roberta greets her guests with a wonderful and comforting smile. A quick tour around the kitchen and common areas and it is off to your room, one of only six, with a view of ancient Alba.

The day’s activities start with a luxurious breakfast of fresh fruits, obviously from the farm, warm breads and other local sweets. While you are enjoying your coffee on the lemon grove terrace you can plan a trip to the winery, a daytrip to Barbaresco or Barolo, a day in the vineyards, a visit to the honey production facilities, or rent bikes or scooters to check out Alba. How about a day with Sally? Sally is a truffle dog. Most of the year she is a playful companion but from September to December she will accompany you in search of the best truffles in the world.

Be sure your plans include returning to the Agriturismo by early evening. Villa la Favorita offers cooking classes for groups of 4 to 8 people. The recipes are traditional Piemontese and will be your dinner accompanied by the agriturismo’s wine. If this were not enough you are just a hop, skip and jump away from Barbaresco and Barolo.

Villa la Favorita is a great little place made better by the presence and passion of the owner. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of Alba and enjoy the balance of the land, the food, the wine and obviously the new friends you will make.


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