Friday, December 29, 2006

Italian Diet - I can’t resist the Snacks!

All that great food, on the table, in the refrigerator, it is everywhere. Cakes, pies, roasts, and all the sauces are there and just too tempting not to take a bite. It is just one nibble, one here and one there. Dinnertime arrives everyone is at the table and you just cannot eat anymore. Dieting for people who snack is one of the most difficult of tasks. Snacking, by itself, seems to be cautious behavior. The Snacker’s diet is the solution.

Many of us think that snacks help us eat less when in reality they cause us to consume significantly more calories than we need. Most dieticians agree, particularly for those with insulin or metabolism disorders, that eating less, more often, is a better form of nutrition however these should be sit down meals, not snacks. Additionally the snack food industry knows their business. By creating snacks with higher salt content the snacks actually cause you to eat more and more. You could say they are addictive. A person who eats snacks regularly can gain 2 pounds a week, one potato chip at a time.

The Snacker's Diet

Breakfast: Cappucino, 2 pieces of toast.

Lunch: Hot Potato Salad (no mayonnaise, Olive Oil, Vinegar, chopped parsley), Lettuce, Bean Sprouts, Celery and green onions. Pecorino Cheese Chips, 2 breadsticks, Orange juice.

Dinner: Orzo Minestrone with mixed beans, ginger and mint, broiled spinach with grated Parmesan Cheese.

Lunch: 2 Egg Omelet with Asparagus, sautéed beets with parsley, roll

Dinner: 60 grams Risotto with Artichoke hearts, a Pear

Lunch: 2 Tomatoes filled with 70 grams Rice and 50 grams Tuna, a Kiwi.

Dinner: Salad with Carrots, sliced Peppers, and lettuce. Dressing of plain yogurt mixed with Chili Powder, a roll.

Lunch: 3 Eggplant rolls filled with Ricotta and green onion and sliced Fennel Bulb.

Dinner: 70 grams of Penne, sautéed in Olive Oil with Cracked pepper, a cup of fruit salad.

Lunch: 120 grams of Tuna with Tomatoes baked in Aluminum foil, Radicchio with Olive Oil and Vinegar, 2 crackers.

Dinner: Minestrone with Zucchini, Squash, Peas and Carrots with 40 grams of Crostini, a fruit yogurt

Lunch: Veggie Burger (no condiments), a boiled potato with Garlic and Parsley.

Dinner: 1 small pizza with shellfish (Marinara), 2 slices of Cantelope.

Lunch: 120 grams of Tuna and Salmon Sushi with 70 grams white rice, steamed vegetables.

Dinner: 80 grams of Caprese Salad, Eggplant with a pinch of Cumin, a Roll.

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Blogger Scrivi a: said...

Here to say that I dedicate a post to Cappuccino at home. Take a look

2:56 PM

Blogger RennyBA said...

I thought we had the best Holiday dish in Norway at Christmas but this take the cake!

Wish A Happy New Year to you and your family:-)

7:29 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Simon Buon Anno!

Renny Happy New Year!

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