Thursday, December 28, 2006

Italian Diet - Appetizers and Finger Foods, sneaky little devils!

Finger foods and Appetizers are marvelous things. So quickly hidden in the mouth, an explosion of flavor, small enough to fool us into thinking we are showing restraint perhaps even saving space for an extra piece of pumpkin pie. Ten or twenty bitesize morsels later we sit down to the table and indulge our senses in the wonderful foods of the holidays. A few days later the scale betrays us, indicating that our visit to the smorgasbord of delightful treats added several pounds to our already increasing size. These little treats do not give us the same psychological satisfaction of sitting down to the table and formally consuming a meal thus, that double portion of shrimp cocktail at 900 calories has doubled our intended assumption of calories. Despondently we notice that the belt buckle needs an extra notch to be comfortable or those hot jeans are just too tight to get on, even if we are laying on the bed to sneak them up.

I admit that this is one of my weakest points, the one that gets me every time. The Italian dieticians indicate that this diet, based on everything Mousse, will most effectively compensate. Unfortunately, I will be trying this one shortly.

Breakfast: Hot Tea, 3 pieces of Whole Wheat toast, and a Yogurt (do not cheat with sugar).

Lunch: Chicken Mousse (120 grams of ground chicken blended with 50 grams of Caprino), Bean salad, bread roll, and fruit salad.

Dinner: Mousse of steamed mixed vegetables, 1 yogurt.

Lunch: 120 grams of tofu, baked asparagus and artichokes with fluffed eggwhites, 3 crackers.

Dinner: Vegetable broth with Ginger and Mint, caramel soy pudding

Lunch: 120 grams of baked Salmon, 100 grams of mashed potatoes, grapefruit juice.

Dinner: 100 grams of Rice and Chickpeas (50 grams Rice, 50 grams Chickpeas), baked pear.

Lunch: Tuna Mousse (100 grams of Tuna with plain yogurt), multigrain roll, steamed Zucchini, 3 mandarins.

Dinner: Vegetable Minestrone with 40 grams of pasta, apple juice.

Lunch: 120 grams of baked Turkey breast with Olive Oil, Steamed Cauliflower with Vinegar, Whole Wheat Bread, an orange.

Dinner: 100 grams of Pasta e Fagioli, a pear.

Lunch: 100 grams of large shrimp with Soy Sauce, Steamed Broccoli, a roll.

Dinner: 70 grams of Penne with Pepperoni cream, Soy Pudding

Lunch: Roasted chicken leg or breast, mashed potatoes (120 grams), roll, 3 Mandarins.

Dinner: Cream of Zucchini and Carrot soup, Pear juice.

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Blogger Lana said...

I want to thank You for these Recipes my hubby is a diabetic so these really are good. I did look some of the recipes up on the web. Thank You again.

1:15 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Bozette I will be publishing many of the recipes over the next month. I like Italian diets because the food is flavorful and balanced.

Raffaella and I make many of these regularly without being on a diet!

2:20 PM

Blogger Dianne said...

All of a sudden, I feel very hungry!


3:39 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Dianne A good diet doesn't have to be tasteless...

Just think of me, I have been writing about this all day ;0

4:03 PM

Blogger a.c.t. said...

Sounds wonderful. Hope you and Raffaella had a fantastic Christmas. Tanti Auguri!

9:00 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

ACT Tanti Auguri anche a Te!

9:04 AM


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