Monday, May 08, 2006

Hotel Prinicipe di Savoia Milan – Regal in Name and in Service

Completed in 1927, hotel Prinicipe di Savoia was a new concept. The hotel was built outside what was considered the true city. The choice of the owners was in line with their aspirations. This is a hotel for Businessmen. People who are not beguiled by an apparent lower cost instead evaluate variety of services in their price/value considerations. Piazza Reppublica was the perfect choice. Situated in the periphery of the city, with trees and open spaces and in walking distance from the train station. Additionally the hotel found itself equal distance from the cultural city center and the industrial areas, a perfect choice for the businessman.

Immediately the businessmen understood the value of the Principe di Savoia however a great deal is a hard kept secret. Already in 1929 the upper class had figured out that the hotel offered the best service available while it was only ten minutes, by carriage, to Piazza della Scala. It was not long before Principe di Savoia became one of the primary lodging choices for celebrities, both Italian and foreign.

I have stayed at hundreds of hotels in Milan and the surrounding area covering all price ranges. While I will stay in any hotel that my client books for me, the Principe di Savoia has been my hotel of choice for many years. Even through change in ownership or management the quality of service has remained at very high levels. The rooms are large and plush. The bathrooms are luxuriously finished in marble.

My room of choice is the Junior Suite. It has a work area, with internet access, separated from the sleeping area which works very well should I need to meet clients or want to let Raffaella sleep while I prepare for the days encounters. There are numerous levels of rooms from a simple room to the royal suite that takes up just about an entire floor.

The hotel has all of the services imaginable, including a swimming pool, and a great workout center with a personal trainer available during the day hours, a SPA for massages, oils, skin treatments, and esthetic services, and a complimentary limousine with driver for quick trips to the shopping area or the theater. The lobby area includes meeting areas, foyers to conference rooms, a fantastic and suggestive bar and a quick café style eatery with a buffet. Attached to the hotel is one of the finest restaurants in Milan, the Accanto.

The new owners, I think it has been about 4 years now, have also instituted various packages to combine a fashion show, a tradeshow, or tickets to the opera for special performances along with the stay. These offers are a great opportunity to get into the cultural events in Milan without having to worry about the details. The various packages are regularly published on their website and if you do not find something you are interested in send them an email, indicating what you might like to do and they will help you make the most of your stay.

Those “in the know” find this to be a good deal. During visits to the Principe I have seen, the Queen of England, the rapper Fifty Cents, George Clooney, Bruce Willis and numerous super models. I guess this means I spend too much time in Milan…

This all sounds really expensive but it is not. When taking into consideration all of the services that a businessman normally uses, the end result is a price that is very competitive. Should we compare the price to the hotels in the Northeastern US Principe di Savoia is a bargain. Even for the economical traveler, all said and done, I do not find the Principe to be significantly more expensive than some of the 3 or 4 star hotels in the city center.


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Blogger j said...

Wow nice place!

10:14 AM

Blogger ChickyBabe said...

Such decadence. I love it!

6:35 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Jairam - It is a really nice place, worth a trip.

Chickybabe - Isn't that what life is all about, Every once in awhile being treated like royalty?

4:01 AM


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