Saturday, October 15, 2005

18 days in Italy – Part 2 of 5 – Rome

First day in Rome, go easy, between flight time, transfers, customs and document control its about 20 hours. Take a cab from the airport, you will be much happier if you do not rent a car. I would stay downtown, maybe at the hotel della Torre Argentina , hotel ArtDeco in via Palestro 19, hotel Genio in via Zanardelli 28, Residence Barbarini (fantastic price-quality ratio) in Via delle Quattro Fontane 171-172, or if you want to go on a higher budget, the Excelsior.

The first night I would eat at “il Tempio di Bacco” in via Lombardia 36/38 close to via Veneto. The other nights you want to try Camponeschi, Al Bric, and Terra di Siena in piazza pasquino 77/78. Lunch during your stay in Rome should include the Paninotecca in Campo dei Fiori (the one in the far end by the old Cinema), in via del Pellegrino Taverna del Campo and any “Bar-Paninotecca”. A late night snack, after 10 pm, can be found at “Quelli della notte”. Saturday night you must stop by the famous, and original Harry’s Bar from the film la Dolce Vita, in Via Veneto, across from the US Embassy.

Sites that you need to see: Tour of the Vatican and the cappella Sistina, Villa Borghese Piazza Navona, any church you pass in front of, Il Panteo, Fontanna Trevi, il Foro Romano, the Colosseum, piazza di Spagna (the Spanish Steps) and Michelangelo’s Mose’.


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