Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tuscany seen from the inside

It is not often that I pimp another site. The exceptions are sites that offer something truly unique. The Italian Wine Guy offers a view of wine, culture and the US in a way that can be useful in finding balance in life. Recently I found, actually he found me, an expat in Tuscany. Discover Soriano views daily life in the Tuscan town of Soriano. He includes great information about how to live the Tuscan experience.

I believe he organizes specialty vacations like culinary tours and wine tours. I like the site because it has great information and detail on the area. While View Italy talks more generally about Italy I believe the best way to vacation is to go into one area and stay there for the entire time. Learn everything you can about the food, the wine, the local products, and the people. This will mean that you may have some down time but after all, this is a vacation. You should relax and rejuvenate.

Check out this Tuscan Information Center and let me know what you think.


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Anonymous Michael Kovnick said...

Hey David, thanks for the post :-)
I do have to make one correction: We are not *in* Tuscany We are a Lazio/Umbria/Tuscany border area in the extreme north of Alto Lazio, within rock-throwing distance of Umbria and 'let''s go grab an espresso' distance of Tuscany :-)

Thanks :-)

3:33 PM

Blogger The Travelling Guy said...


I really like your site.
If you check out my blog (well not yet I don't have much up) it'll be about my trip to Central America coming up soon.

The Travelling Guy

2:21 PM


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