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Poggio Antico – Not just a winery – Visit Montalcino

Vacationing in Montalcino. The great wines of Tuscany are not the only reason to visit this area. Many wineries not only make wine, but also produce Olive Oil and may have a small restaurant. I have found that while the wine may be really good the true attraction is one of the ancillary services they offer. Poggio Antico is one of these wineries. Located in Montalcino the restaurant is one of the best places to eat in the area. Considering this is in the heart of Tuscany that is saying something.

The Poggio Antico restaurant is owned by the winery but is run by the husband and wife team, Roberto e Patrizia Minnetti. The menu’ is constantly changing as the finest and freshest ingredients are employed to prepare traditional regional plates. The menu’ is also carefully choreographed to the elegant wines of the winery. Desserts are prepared in house and local cheeses are part of the attraction. The ambiance of the restaurant is that of a traditional Tuscan villa, elegant yet sober.

This restaurant is an opportunity to participate in a unique culinary experience, once part of even the simplest life but today rarely found. It is true balance at the dinner table. Foods prepared with local ingredients, Olive Oil for olives grown in the same ground as the grapes for the wines. Recipes perfected over the centuries to compliment the wines. Bruschetta made with the vineyard’s oil. Red wines, dessert wines and grappa all made from the same grapes grown in the same vineyard complete the experience.

An entire day could be planned around Poggio Antico. Visit the winery in the early afternoon followed by a tasting of this year’s production. A walk around the vineyards is the perfect way to stimulate the appetite before dinner at the Poggio Antico restaurant. The taxi ride back to the hotel should provide just enough time to digest the sumptuous meal before falling into a profound sleep for the night.

This is not a secret to the Italians so a bit of planning is appropriate. The company can be contacted by Tel/Fax 0577-849200 or email


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This is really good information on Montaicino and Poggio antico. Interesting to note the wines and olive oils. also about the restaurants in the montaicino. This gave me a good insight in to italy thanks

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