Monday, February 05, 2007

Italian Men’s Fashion Tendencies Spring/Summer 2007

Men’s Fashion is never as exciting as Women’s Fashion. I can accept that, women just look better in clothes however the 2007 Men’s Spring/Summer lineup is rather blah. In line with the women’s 2007 Spring/Summer Fashion tendencies most designers took a retro look into the 60s, 70s and early 80s. Natural fabrics and neutral colors are the underlying theme. Models without socks, pencil or bellbottom leg pants appear over and over again. Some of the women’s magazines in Italy let their disappoint show through dedicating their comments to the thing that most attracted them, the model’s eyes. Unfortunately that is one accessory we can’t change with the new season.

There are a few standouts in the sea of dull. Armani’s traditional cut with the dark slacks, dark shirt and light jacket will tide us over this year but guys, no matter what seems to be the tendency, do not forget the socks. He incorporates some silks, linens and corduroy fabrics that bring to mind my University professors even though there are not the telltale elbow patches.

Burberry also does exceptionally well since this is pretty much in line with their continuing theme. I will not be wearing their purple overcoat but their active style and some of the reds and blues could have their place when I am in a slightly eccentric mood. They have also introduced the pullover V-neck and the aviators hat. Please do not go for the aviator’s hat; it is very distracting and if I see you I will have a hard time not laughing.

I was hoping that Laura Biagiotti would have been a standout. Her designs are always playful and bright but the arrival of bird flu in Europe must have influenced the balance gene and I just cannot bring myself to like this hodgepodge of geometrical designs and clashing colors. It gives me a headache just looking at them.

Valentino’s classic designs also save him a bit but there is no question that even the greats followed the masses and let their creativity go to places that should never be explored. Please explain to me the sandals. Who in their right mind would wear sandals with a Valentino suit? The suits, without the accessories, are more traditional Valentino, so the cuts are clean and will be fine in most occasions. The fabrics are generally light with hints of pinstripes and some unobtrusive patterns or the neutral natural summer wools and cotton.

The raincoat is present in all the lines. Usually it is extremely bright and shiny vinyl. Bright enough to show up even on the rainiest of days. Wearing one of these jackets people will see your glow long after you have moved out of view. Sure, they could be fun for a day, maybe a week, but for three months one will get tired of these very fast. I see it much like painting your bedroom blood red. Sooner or later you will be losing sleep.

Most of you know that I rarely write about things I do not like or appreciate. Unfortunately, this year has so little to offer that I will try and find the positives in what I consider to be a year of design to forget.


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Blogger Miss Natalie said...

Instead of my usual 'i'll take this dress' i'll take armani man at the back in 3rd photo ;-)

3:49 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Natalie This is more or less the tone of our Italian lady friends. They simply say, "What beaurtiful eyes."

3:56 PM

Blogger Lexcen said...

I was just formulating a witty comment about suits with sandals, before I saw the pic, and was gob smacked to actually see that someone had beaten me to it. I guess my fashion designer career is over.

12:37 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Lexcen I know many of these designers. I am always surprised when things like this come out. I guess they are setting up for next year!

2:19 PM


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