Monday, January 29, 2007

Italian Women’s High Fashion Spring-Summer 2007 - Giorgio Armani Prive’

Armani does it again. I am always impressed with the capability to design truly beautiful and unique clothes that can easily be adapted to everyday wear. Giorgio Armani’s Prive’ Spring-Summer 2007 line is innovative, classical, provocative, yet graceful. While a few outfits are formal only, Armani’s Prive’ collection will be found in the offices of Milan starting in the early spring. In traditional Armani, jackets are draped and crossed. The fabrics, adorned with pearls embedded in the silk and lace, create unique patterns and textures. Slacks are skintight. As with Valentino, shoulder pads are part of the mix.

Embroidered fabrics are also an important part of the line as are the foulard and turbans. The press release indicates the company’s intention to emulate the traditional oriental designs. I get more of a 1930s feel. The dominant color is a grey, from charcoal to silver, as if he were trying to create a contrast between the 30s exuberance and the neutral colors worn by the upper class ladies of the day. The base metal colors insinuate elegance. When they are combined with the flowing and gay 30s designs and the fabrics are luxurious silks and opulent laces, the resulting outfit creates emotion and interest through subliminal contrast. The fabrics flow over a woman’s body, elongating the lines, revealing the feminine curves while covering with the puritan colors.

The most versatile designs are the wraps. Traditional Armani these are open cloth skirts the close in the front with an overlay. While elegant the skirt can be matched with an existing silk blouse to accommodate most situations. The pearl adorned top steps things up a notch.

The skintight sleek pants underneath another outfit is also quite versatile. The pants give an air of playful youth. I would think they are also quite comfortable allowing movement without having to worry about showing off too much.

These are my favorites. While I think these are appropriate for both work and more formal occasions these may be a bit much in some office environments. The designs are elegant and the fabrics have luxurious designs and textures. I think any woman wearing these will feel like a million bucks.

These designs will be harder to work into an everyday routine but they are fabulous. I would lose the large trailing veil. These are soft and voluptuous, very feminine and a bit snooty but with these outfits one can afford to be a bit snooty.


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Anonymous Jennifer said...

that second picture, the dress, is really pretty. I also like the third of the sleek pants. Not that I could ever wear either of them :)

3:58 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Jennifer Great Choices. I'll bet you would look Marvelous!

7:54 AM

Blogger Miss Natalie said...

Ohhh... I haven't been aruond too much lately. sorry :-)

I'll take the outfit, first row of 3, the one on the right. No comment on the wedding dress :-)

2:27 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Natalie All business seductrice, I see. Good choice.

2:30 PM

Anonymous chase said...

Weird. I made a comment on this post.

I like the 3rd one since it is quite corporate-ish. By the way, do you also attend fashion shows there?

3:08 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Chase Most often I will attend at least 2 a season when in Milan but the thing I am looking for is what is showing up in the offices and on the streets. It is a better indicator of tendencies.

I like the mix use outfits also. Just because we have to go to work does not mean that we do not have to look good doing it!

8:06 AM


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