Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Moda Ermanno Scervino – Women’s Fashion Winter 2007

Fashion always comes from the streets. Some designers have an uncanny ability to identify or even influence tendencies. Others are able to bring new sparkle to very traditional and classic styles. The Florentine stylist, Ermanno Scervino, is a designer that has street credibility. He appeared on the scene in 1997. Since then he has been dressing the streets of Italy. His ability to interpret tendencies is shown by his revenue growth. While still small in terms of the overall Italian Fashion market, in 2004 he more than doubled sales from 17 million Euros to 35 million in 2004. Since that time has be growing sales in double digits and if my experience is an example this year will be another year of record growth.

Raffaella and I were walking through a local department store here in Dallas and I noticed a couple. They seemed familiar yet just a bit out of place among the crowds. The clothes she was wearing were really cool; they just seemed to frame her perfectly. As we came closer we heard them speaking Italian. Yes, we were brash and stopped them right in the middle of the corridor. It turns out they are from Sicily and were visiting friends here in Dallas for a wedding. The clothes could have been Texan, suede and soft, brushed leather in natural tones, calf-high boots with tassels, soft, form fitting jeans with just a hint of the washed denim, as if she had had them for a lifetime.

As we chatted and organized getting together while they were here, I asked about her clothes. I know it is not appropriate but the curiosity was too great. I could not identify the designer. I even thought they might have purchased the clothes here in Dallas from some upcoming designer with a European flair.

The first part of the line uses soft fabrics and suede. It could be seen as a 1600s hunting or outdoor sport with a contemporary touch. The designs accentuate the female figure, accentuating the curves with heavier clothes or overlays in the top and bottom of the hourglass while maintaining the beelike waste. The footwear is an important part of this look. Mostly boots are used but heels are also applicable for the outfit without the jacket. I found the thigh high boots really interesting with the kneecap cover.

The next area I see would have been considered travel clothes in the 40s and 50s. Comfortable and clean lines with natural darker colors and heavier fabrics are the basic characteristics. In today’s world they would be appropriate in most office situations and excellent for weekend outings or vacations.

Finally the more formal wear, whether is be the knee or full length outfit, are soft and flowing with silks and chiffon. I find them just formal enough for most occasions but casual enough to be worn on just about any evening occasion and in some work environments.

Thinking about the entire line adjectives like free spirit, active lifestyle, and youthful, come to mind. Ermanno Scervino seems to understand the vibe that is on the street. I did notice that his designs were more prevalent in the central and southern cities and less in Milan. This could have something to do with the more casual lifestyle.


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Blogger Miss Natalie said...

top one - i want i want i want!

9:10 PM

Blogger bozette said...

Those look warm. I love warm. LOL

6:01 AM

Blogger EuroYank said...

Happy holidays and thanks for your recent visit. Looks good here!

8:53 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Natalie I liked them all. I have not followed this designer in the past but will be on my future rounds.

Bozette Heavy fabrics and fur, great on a cold night.

Euroyank Thanks. Happy New year!

1:32 PM


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