Friday, September 08, 2006

Hotel Cavalieri – Restaurant La Pergola

I usually would not consider writing about a hotel like the Hilton. There is nothing I can say that is not already obvious. The Hilton is a good hotel with clean rooms and run according to US procedures. Even the location on Monte Mario, one of the seven hills overlooking Rome, and the beautiful view is not enough to differentiate this hotel from any other. So how could a Hilton hotel ever make it into the places to visit in Rome?

I have worked in telecommunications since 1988. First in Internet then in the new digital telephony better known today as Voice over IP. The incumbent in Italy is Telecom Italia. They control everything having to do with Telecommunications so I had numerous interactions with various levels of its management. In order to be able to discuss my concerns or contracts I would invite these individuals to dinner so we could exchange ideas freely without the confines and the interruptions of the office.

Rome has many very good restaurants at all levels but for my primary contact in Rome there was only one place for dinner. The Hotel Cavalieri, more specifically the restaurant La Pergola in the Hotel Cavalieri. I attempted to talk him out of this, Camponeschi, Al Bric, Porto di Ripetta surely were better choices. He stuck to his guns and since he was my guest, and I had never been to the restaurant, I gave in.

This is another example that an open mind is the key to finding the best opportunities. La Pergola is a marvelous restaurant with a breathtaking view of Rome and the surrounding hills. The cuisine is basic Italian with a contemporary flair. In the words of executive chef Heinz Beck,

My intention is not so much that of satisfying your appetite as of transmitting emotions through harmoniously balanced aromas, flavors and colors - sensory stimuli which are intertwined and blended in suffused and refined surroundings.

I am always searching for new combinations of flavors and textures, new
solutions and surprises which respect both the local cuisine and Italy's
cultural heritage. My own enthusiasm and passion are enriched when I am
exploring innovative cooking techniques or using the avante-garde equipment
which permits me to maintain the intrinsic values of many foods.

There is a Gourmet Menu’ which takes you through numerous dishes of increasing intensity. The choice is extremely well balanced as it moves from Lobster Medallions to Lamb or Red Mullet. The alla carte menu’ tends a bit towards French cuisine with various sauces and consomme’. Needless to say I allow the chef to do whatever he prefers, as does my good friend from Telecom Italia.

The wine cellar is impressive. They indicate that they stock almost 50,000 bottles of wine. The waiters are professional and will be able to suggest an appropriate wine to accompany your dining choice.

Since my first encounter with La Pergola, I have been a regular visitor. The Hotel is a Hilton, so either you will love it or think it is tremendously overpriced, but the restaurant is worth a visit, preferably with someone special perhaps for a night out on the town. Reservations are a must.

Hotel Hilton
Restaurant La Pergola
Via A. Cadlolo, 101
00136 Roma Italia
phone: +39 06 35092152


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