Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ristorante Crotto del Lupo – Regional cuisine from Como

Ristorante Crotto del Lupo in Como offers an interesting look into the traditional foods of Como and Valtellina. The Valtellina region is north of Milan and begins in Como and flows through Bergamo up to the Alto Adige on the border of Austria. The current owners of the restaurant carry on a tradition initiated in 1870 and have incorporated a mix of local cuisine from Como and the hearty dishes of the Alpine valleys. Located in the hills surrounds Como, the restaurant is immersed in the green trees creating a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

While the dining atmosphere is casual, the food is exquisite. Appetizers include Carpaccio, Bresaola, Speck, slices wild game cooked to perfection, Sciatt Valtellinese and little fried balls of whole grain wheat filled with hot gooey cheese oozing out with every bite. First courses include Pizzocheri, a traditional pasta dish, Risotto with Porcini mushrooms, and Penne with Speck.

These dishes are all fantastic but this trip into culinary world of Lombardia is just beginning. Entrées are savory dishes from the valleys. Grilled meats, Veal roast with Porcini mushrooms, the Tagliata with Rucola prepared with the best meats from free range cattle and the specialty Involtini Valtellinesi are all available, but during hunting season the restaurant serves various wild game dishes, masterfully prepared. Various lake fish plates are also prepared but I would stay on the meat menu’.

Desserts are well prepared but I would not sacrifice the first and second plates for dessert unless Chestnuts are your thing. The chef prepares a chestnut mousse that is a must try particularly during the fall when fresh chestnuts are in season.

I would suggest catching a taxi to visit Crotto del Lupo. The wine cellar is well supplied with Italian wines from local DOC favorites to more famous Piemonte and Tuscan selections. A casual evening, with friends or that special someone, supported by delicately prepared foods and complimented by great wines. This is a little known jewel in the hills of Como. Although reservations are probably not necessary I would call ahead just to be safe.

Crotto del Lupo Ristorante
Via Pisani Dossi , 17 - 22100 COMO

Telefono Tel: 031 570881
Email: Info@crottodellupo.it


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Blogger ChickyBabe said...

So many favourites in this post! And then you mention chestnuts... never had a puree but it sounds divine!

10:09 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

ChickyBabe Sweet, smooth, creamy, velvet to the touch... Oh, and the mousse is really good also!

5:19 AM


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