Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Restaurant L’Assassino – Milan

Presenting the flavors of traditional Tuscan cuisine in Milan, the Assassino or the assassin is a stalwart of high quality dining in Milan. Located in the city center this is a favorite destination for business entertaining and important private functions. The environment is “casual chic”, as you enter it is evident that this is a nice place but somehow it feels like the corner restaurant on your street.

The staff is professional but is comfortable enough to exchange more than just niceties. L’Assassino is capable of handling large parties, on my last visit we brought 20 managers and their wives during the SMAU. Pricing is reasonable at about 40-45$ a person. This is not a touristy place.

The food is high quality and strictly reflects the regional recipes from Tuscany. Their dishes are savory featuring wild boar, pork, polenta, pici (handmade pasta from Tuscany), a wide variety of fish and rich desserts. Antipasti of crostini, hand cut dried meats, and a variety of marinated vegetables.

A special treat awaits during mushroom season. In the appropriate seasons the restaurant brings fresh mushrooms from the hills of Tuscany and prepares them according to the local recipes. This is one of the primary reasons that l’Assassino is so highly regarded. If you love mushrooms this is an ecstasy of flavor.

The wine cellar is provides numerous options at all price points. I suggest you allow the waiter to suggest an appropriate wine for the meal.

Coat and tie are not necessary but remember that you may find people dining in Tux or double-breasted suits. Appropriate dress shows respect for the restaurant and the fellow diners and service you receive will reflect this concept.

I would call for reservations. If you intend to match dinner with a night at the Scala, perhaps to see the Aida, I would also tell them that when making reservations. This is a well known place among the business community but not the general population and is well worth a visit.

Via Amedei 8
Tel 028056144


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Blogger Peace said...

Wow, Milanese Food looks delicious!

10:09 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

In all cities you can eat well or you can get caught in a bad deal and more importantly bad food.

The trick is to know the places where the locals, who eat out often, go. It does not have to be expensive just good natural food prepared according to traditional recipes!

10:19 AM

Blogger a.c.t said...

I'll check this out next time I'm in Milan. I've found it difficult to find wild boar in Milan. I used to have it when I lived in Tuscany -it's my favourite pasta sauce.

12:43 AM

Blogger Tracie B. said...

i agree with you, it IS very hard to find good restaurants in touristy places. when i lived in ischia, i tried my best to send people to my favorite restaurants--there were only 3--because many times, when the locals (not just in ischia) see tourists, they see an opportunity to sell those clams from the other day and overcharge on top of it all. this disgusts me to no ends. i'm not sure what the mentality is that makes one think that because someone is foreign, they cannot tell the difference between fresh food and crap, but it is all too common.
we made "amicizia" with one of our customers who owned a restaurant. he told us that he would give us 20% comission for the customers we sent his way. i told genn that i would consider it ONLY if i could try it out first. the food was terribly mediocre and i refused to send anyone there. our faves, though, remained so, and we didn't earn a dime. sure, they were happy to see us when we came, and we always enjoyed a discount, but the pleasure i gained from the rave reviews (fabulous! such a beautiful place! great food! they were so nice!) of the tourists who listened, was worth more than any comission one could offer.

1:45 AM


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