Thursday, September 20, 2007

SCIACCHETRA' – A rare and unique white wine

Do not look for this wine on the US or international markets. Sciacchetra’ by Der Vin Bun is exclusive and rare. The latest vintage released only produced about 140 bottles. The number is correct, 140 0.75 liter bottles. The waiting list for this wine is just over 2 years. Sciacchetra’ is not a new comer. The same family has produced Sciacchetra’, in the same way, for over 150 years. Over the years, nobility and the famous alike have sung praises to this hidden jewel of the Cinque Terre in Liguria.

“The grapes are of antique gold, flavoured by the cool sea breeze and dried by the sun’s warm kiss.” The vineyards cling to the cliffs of Liguria overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Production starts only after a group of elderly Sensata go into the vineyard to taste the drying grapes. The Sensata are local wine experts, a title usually passed from father to son. Only after their blessing can this unique wine be made. Very few bottles ever make it out of the Cinque Terre but there is a way to taste this wine and perhaps negotiate a bottle.

The Der Vin Bun also rents out a small apartment which is little more than a hotel room at 380 square feet. A restaurant, also tied to the vineyard is located underneath. A visit to the Agriturismo di Volastra could result in a bottle of this heirloom wine of the Cinque Terre.

Schiacchetra’ is a slightly sweet white wine. The color is that of antique gold with amber highlights. It is made with the autochthon grape Bosco (70%), Vermentino (20%) and Albarola (10%). Figs, candied oranges and apricots dominate its perfume. On the palate it tends to be slightly sweet with salty undertones as the wine sits in the mouth. The flavour of Schiacchetra’ is surprisingly persistent for a white wine.

I would drink this wine with savoury cheeses (creamy gorgonzola), white pasta and gnocchi dishes, baked or grilled fish and many pesto based dishes.

Grape: Bosco (70%), Vermentino (20%) and Albarola (10%).

Color: Antique gold with amber highlights.

Bouquet: Figs, candied oranges and apricots.

Flavor: Complex with a tendency toward sweet with underlying salty tones.

Alcohol: 14.0%

Serving Temperature: 11-13 c.

Glass: White wine glass.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pasta? Gnocchi? Fish? Pesto??
Are you sure not to mean the Capellini's 5 Terre DOC (a dry white wine) instead of the sweet Sciacchetrà?


5:44 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Luk Thank you for coming by. I am pleased to see that someone who knows about wines like you would read my blog. I find your very interesting.

I knew this would be a controversial call however both in Roma and Torino (Monferrato) I was turned on to the slightly sweet/savory combinations (gorgonzola-honey; moscato-fish) and there is always the saying "do not tell the farmer how exsquisite Parmigiano with Pears tastes!"

6:15 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"do not tell the farmer how exsquisite Parmigiano with Pears tastes!"

And I always thought it was Cacio :-). Still, I argue that the farmer already knows, and it should be the farmer that doesn't wnt US to know. Italian proverbs... ahhhh.

2:37 AM

Blogger TCM said...

very cool blog.nice to read here..

1:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are probably right.

But I can't imagine to drink a 375ml, 100 dollars, 15-16% alcool content bottle with "trenette al pesto" or a fish, whatever is it!


12:01 PM

Blogger Alfonso Cevola said...

it would go well with foie gras

6:19 AM


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