Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Piemonte is Wine, Castles, and great Food – Hotel Castello di Sinio

Piemonte has it all; great wines, extravagant culinary compositions, cheeses, tartufo and culture. Usually you will have to visit at least a couple of different locations to get the full immersion in true Italian life. In the land of Nebbiolo, Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera you can find it all together at the Hotel Castello di Sinio. Hotel Castello di Sinio is a renovated Medieval Castle nestled in the hills of the Langhe.

The XII century castle maintains the allure of times past while offering modern amenities. The hotel has 18 rooms furnished with epic furniture. The floor to ceiling stonewalls and heavy chestnut beams create an atmosphere of opulence and protection. Beds are all extra large with double mattresses and are fitted with down comforters, one for spring and one for winter. All rooms have large private bathrooms with spacious glass shower stalls, beautiful stone tiles and completely modern fixtures and electricity. You will find we have the most up to date conveniences such as individual room heating and air-conditioning, satellite TV, direct dial telephones, Internet & fax to make your stay ultra comfortable and hassle free.

The restaurant provides traditional regional cuisine with the flair of a King’s court. Denise and Jay, the restaurant owners and chefs, open from Thursday through Sunday. Denise tells of their passion:

“Our menu selections tend to be limited but are always prepared with the finest ingredients we can find. While the fare is very, very traditionally Piemontese it almost always holds some surprises of less well known recipes or combinations that have been inspired from research and always based on precedence. From ancient Piemontese rural recipes that we love resurrecting to hidden mountain valley traditions to the cuisine of nobility that comes straight from the royal court of the House of Savoy (the long time rulers of Piedmont), we strive to add a memorable dimension to your Piemontese enogastronomic experience.”

The wine cellar includes some of the best wines in the world. Interestingly the hotel has brought in Wine Specialist and Author KERIN O'KEEFE. Once a month she takes hotel guests to the major vineyards and producers in the area. Hotel Castello di Sinio is located right in the heart of the Barolo and Barbaresco wine producing areas. The area is home to about 750 wineries that produce 2 of the 10 most important wines in the world. The Castle is located within 5 to 10 minutes of all the major Barolo producers and within about 20 minutes of all the major Barbaresco producers.

The Hotel Castle di Sinio is the perfect destination to live and learn the Piemontese lifestyle. It is a great base. Within a few minutes by car there are 100s of marvelous unknown restaurants and 100s of wineries. Cultural events like the symphony and opera are just a few minutes away in Alessandria. The views of the hills of the Langhe are truly unique. It is a great place to hide from the world and rejuvenate the soul with great food and wine.

Hotel Castello di Sinio
Vicolo del Castello 1
12050 Sinio (CN)
Piedmont, Italy
Telephone: 0173.263.889


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