Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fantini Club - SPA and vacation destination on the Adriatic Riviera

Italy is working hard to become the prime tourist destination for the entire world. The Adriatic Coast (on the east side of the peninsula) is the primary destination for Italians. Families come to this region when children are small. Teenagers continue to come for the nightclubs. When these teenagers get married and have small kids they come back again. The area of the Adriatic coast from Venice to Pescara has remained on the forefront of destinations for Italian families because they are always innovating and creating new attractions to bring back generation after generation of Italian families. The most recent tendency is the theme beach.

Italian beaches are divided into concessions and each owner of the concession can do just about anything he wants with his portion of the beach. Fantini Club, in Cervia outside of Ravenna, has created a 24 hour multi attraction resort. The only thing they do not offer is lodging even though they can hook you up with a local hotel. Fantini Club has become one of the hot spots on the northern Adriatic coast. It is most well known for its outdoor SPA with massages performed by tanned, healthy looking, physical therapists. I think of this as an opportunity to melt from sun up to sun down. You will melt into the bed with a quick massage after breakfast, followed melting under the afternoon sun and finally melting into barstool, martini in hand.

Fantini Club has a full service restaurant and a self-service cafeteria. Tables are setup end to end like a local trattoria making for a great opportunity to get to know the other guests. The food is relatively good and extremely fresh. Fish is the strong point and local wines are available at a reasonable price.

Fantini Club also offers various water activities. Local instructors teach the adventurous windsurfing, scuba diving and small boat sailing. The club also has services for smaller children so parents can take off and do more adult things. Some of those adult things may include water massage, being pack in hot sand or spending a while on a salt bed. You can even check out my blog with the local WIFI access and a fresh fruit cocktail.

For those fitness minded Fantini Club has a gym with personal trainers. They do Yoga, Pilates and full cardio workout machines. If this still has not convinced you that this is a complete vacation spot, Club Fantini organizes fashion shows and various other activities. Finally as the sun goes down the entire beach becomes a low key nightclub, sometimes with live music or Italian DJs.

Fantini Club
Lungomare G. Deledda 182
48015 Cervia (Ra) - Italy
Tel: (+39) 0544 72236


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