Thursday, June 21, 2007

Exclusive Beach in Riccione – No Men Allowed!

The Adriatic shores of Italy are the favorite destination of Italian family vacationers. The white sand beaches span the coast and the water remains waste deep for miles into the sea. The waters are warm from late May and riptides rarely occur. This makes the Adriatic the perfect beach destination for families with small children. Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica are some of the most famous. Millions of Italians hit the coast cities during the summer vacation period. The area has also developed their infrastructures for the under 30 crowd with discotheques, nightclubs and low cost dining. Apparently this summer paradise was missing something, a beach just for women.

Beach number 134 in Riccione, run by a female entrepreneur, is open only to women. She states that she is merely filling a need just as the all female hotel in Switzerland and the German bank that only opens accounts for women. The Italian bloggers are ablaze with commentary, most of it negative. The thought is that our culture is succumbing to the puritan influences and that before we know it women will be criticized if they dress too sexy. Some have even taken it to the extreme saying that this is the first step toward a 1950s attitude toward women.

I have no problem with this type of beach. If my daughters wanted to catch some rays on an exclusively feminine beach I would not immediately think they were lesbians. I could also see how this would be a great solution for those with jealous partners. The partner may be more content thinking that his wife, girlfriend or partner will not be parading around in a hot bikini in front of 1000s of men. It is not clear if male children, or any children for that matter, are allowed.

I can also see advantages for the shy girl not entirely comfortable with her looks preferring to visit this type of beach. Perhaps a couple of girlfriends traveling Italy not wanting to be bothered by overactive men would be attracted to this type of establishment. I do not see this as puritan, lesbian or any other thing. If that is how you are comfortable go for it.

I am not sure if it will survive or if the number of establishments will increase but for now it is an option. You can find more information about the exact location of this beach at your hotel in Riccione.


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Anonymous Boedus said...

Hi David and raffaella,
first of all congrats for your interesting blog!
Actually i am wandering around Romagna hinterland by bike (hotel bikes) with my wife. We mainly prefer to visit countryside places rather than roasting on a beach.
But sometimes we had a beach walk and we visited Riccione. I saw the Beach you are talking about and it's all true!
No men are allowed! Very nice idea even if a little bit of marketing is present :-)


11:24 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Boedus Great way to travel. I think your new travel blog will be a great success!

11:43 AM


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