Friday, June 29, 2007

Riccione Beach #137 Mojito – Sun by day, Party all night

The younger portion of my family is giving me a hard time because I wrote about the No Men Allowed beach #134 in Riccione and I have not written about anything for the young and restless. Riccione, as most of the Adriatic coast, lives off of tourism. The beach is divided into concessions. The owner takes care of the beach area, provides chairs, tables and umbrellas. In the economic battle for visitors the local entrepreneurs are doing some interesting things. Beach #137 has teamed up with a local nightclub and is offering 24 hour a day fun.

When the sun is out the traditional tanning beds and umbrellas are in full force but as soon as day turns to dusk the beach becomes one of the hottest nightspots in Riccione. Every week the theme is different and covers everything from free form fashion shows to comedians. The entertainment usually speaks Italian but the 18-30 year old visitors arrive from all over Europe. Obviously, as the name suggests, mixed drinks are available and the music is loud and pulsating.

I admit, this is not the place for me, but it may be the place for you, or perhaps your kids. Security is relatively good in these places as in most nightclubs and I would not worry about my kids being safe. It should be remembered that there is alcohol and, while I do not know this for sure, where there are teens and tweens there may be some type of prohibited substances available.

All in all it sounds like pretty clean fun with the younger crowd. If you want to get a better idea you can check out this you tube video.


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