Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dolcetto d’Alba Enzo Boglietti 2005

We stopped by friends just for a quick hello and the rains came. Flash floods are common here in Dallas when it does rain so we decided to drink a glass of wine while we waited for the bad weather to pass. We usually will drink a Pinot Grigio as an aperitif but the section of the cellar cuddling our bottles of white was unusually barren. Al delved into the cellar, emerging with a bottle of red. His choice was perfect, a young Dolcetto d’Alba by Enzo Boglietti from 2005. Traditionally we reserve red wines for dinner but a young Dolcetto d’Alba could be mistaken for a new wine.

I found Dolcetto d’Alba Enzo Boglietti 2005 to be fresh and a bit fruity. It was surprisingly smooth with a pronounced flavor of Bing Cherries. A young red will often have an underlying acidity, a characteristic pleasingly absent. A year in the cellar should allow this wine to mellow and become a fantastic dinner wine. Young, as it is, Dolcetto d’Alba Enzo Boglietti 2005 will be perfect with fish recipes without cream sauces, white meats and grilled vegetables. We broke out some dark chocolate. Without a doubt this combination was right on target.

I always look for other’s reviews when writing about a wine. Village Corner wrote this review in January.

"WT012407-14. 05 DOLCETTO D’ALBA, ENZO BOGLIETTI - (ITALY) Sweet and polished fruit, dense, ripe, plummy. Ample oak. Warm spices. Ambitious./ Again, plentiful oak. Black currant and black cherry fruit flavors. Great acidity. Zesty, flaired style of the varietal. Ripe and racy, with a lively edge. Very assertive and penetrating. A classy presentation with varietal faithfulness and fine oak extras. 16.3+. "

I do not agree with the wide range of adjectives and did not find either the acidity or complexity they indicate but we both agree that this is a fantastic little wine to keep in the cellar. It can hold many positions. It can be an aperitif for those who do not drink whites, a red wine with fish or white meats and age elegantly for a couple of years for more savory dinners.

Grape: Dolcetto d’Alba.

Color: Intense ruby red.

Bouquet: Young and fruity.

Flavor: Bing Cherries with a hint of tannins.

Alcohol: 13.5%.

Serving Temperature: 16-18 c.

Aging: 2 to 3 years maximum.


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