Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Prosecco Brut Aneri

Our quest for a new Prosecco continues. Dinner is Pork Chops with Pure’. Pork is one of the milder meats and the sauce is flavored with a hint of lemon. Traditionally we would choose a white wine like an Arneis or a Ribolla Gialla but we are discovering Prosecco. We are not just looking for an Aperitivo, but the perfect accompaniment for before, during and after dinner. Today’s choice is Prosecco Brut Aneri. Unfortunately no vintage is evident on the bottle. I always wonder why producers omit certain information on the bottle. Skeptically I think of all the reasons why the Aneri winery would not indicate the vintage and nothing I can think of leads me to believe that this will be a quality product.

I think quality comes from generations of experience and a profound understanding of the grape and the methodology of production. Aneri is one of those producers who producers numerous types of wines from different regions including Tuscany and Alto Adige. The usual way this happens is through acquisition of smaller wineries and while they attempt to maintain the culture of the artisan production somehow I think the corporate culture makes its way into the wine.

It should be remembered that our preference of taste in Prosecco is different than most Americans. We know Prosecco with a slightly bitter taste, good volume of bubbles, extra dry and not at all sweet. Of the Prosecco we have tried, Aneri came the closest to this profile. It is a fragrant, light and persistent sparkling wine with straw yellow color. It has an elegant, floral bouquet of acacia and wild flowers.

It was pretty good as an Aperitivo not great, but pretty good. With the pork and lemon sauce the Prosecco did much better. It did not make it to the after dinner phase so, I guess, that indicates that it was an overall success. Generally I do not think we have found our best choice Prosecco but Prosecco Brut Aneri will do well in most occasions where fish or white meats are protagonist. Perhaps I am influenced by the lack of information about how and when the wine was produced, perhaps I am missing the air of Friuli, either way Prosecco Brut Aneri is good but not great.


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Blogger RennyBA said...

Thanks again for an excellent introduction and explanation to what seams to be a lovely wine!
I'm a bit surprised you would choose a white wine for the pork meal but I do follow your arguments.

12:20 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Renny We would select a white for most white meats and domestic foul unless you a red or mushroom sauce. Most reds, except a young Barbera or Valcalepio, would be a bit much for the more delicate flavors.

11:23 AM


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