Monday, February 12, 2007

Italian Women’s Pret a Porter Fashion Spring-Summer 2007 – Salvatore Ferragamo

It is just not fair. Women’s Fashion is always more interesting than Men’s Fashion. The Spring-Summer Pret a Porter 2007 presented in Milan is no different. Just about everything presented for the Spring – Summer 2007 Women’s Pret a Porter is pretty great. Some designers have excelled. Salvatore Ferragamo, the designer who originally cut his teeth in the shoe market, has a clean elegant line, with pastel colors and a few intricate patterns. The skirts are above knee length with just a hint of a flair at the hemline. The entire line says sun, carefree days in warm climates, and comfortable movement in just about any environment. These outfits will be great for the office, a day on the sailboat, an evening with friends at the local restaurant or strolling the boardwalk on the most in beaches.

While they are fun and full of life they retain the elegance of high design and fabrics. Accessories and heels take the look to the next level. Light colors, remember the pastels, are important for both shoes and purses. White accessories for the beachwear are a perfect balance.

Polo shirts and flowing skirts start the look. Thin contrasting stripes and a tight, slightly elastic fit accentuate the upper body. The pastel colored skirts, both the form fitting tube and the pleated portafoglio, balance the tops and give a light and happy air to the look. I could also see the return of last year’s wide rimmed light colored hats.

Bare shoulders and sleeveless dresses with elaborate patterns and light fabrics are the solution for hot summer days, window shopping or perhaps sipping a Mint Julep, or cool Prosecco, in the garden with friends. A more casual look, these outfits could are most appropriate for the vacation or weekend outing however they could also be employed in a more casual work environment. The elegant fabrics and prints give an air of class but they definitely say that you are thinking about having fun and relaxing.

Ferragamo also presented a series of Baby-Doll outfits. While they may work for some there is a risk that others may think you are trying to hide something. Obviously these are marvelous for those pre and post pregnancy while working to get the figure back. The risk for these is that those who choose the Baby-Doll and are not in this category may get others thinking that you are.

I love the shorts outfits and the bathing suits. They are classy and feminine. I will never complain about a “let it all hang out bikini” but I do appreciate the seduction of shorts and one-piece bathing suits. Somehow more cloth stimulates the imagination and I love to daydream.

Finally these are my favorites. They jumped out at me. They are vibrant, feminine, sexy and fun. I see them as perfect for just about every occasion and extremely versatile. This is important for me since I carry the suitcases.


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Blogger Doll Face said...

I love the entire line other than the baby doll dress. Bright colours and beautiful prints just make me smile. I hope these styles infiltrate down to our casual lines really soon. I really hate the whole back to the 80's thing our stores have going on at the moment.

Quick question - patent leather mary janes. Should I invest? I saw a beautiful pair of D&G, very high.

2:42 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Natalie The Spring Summer collection is very clean, open toed, Cuneo heels. While they may be appropriate in the "ballerina" shoe look which should still be strong in your next fall-winter season I would not pay big bucks. I do not think they will make it through the next season.

The Mary Janes can be an interesting touch to a penstriped men's style tailleur.

2:50 PM


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