Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Historic Designs of Armani at the Triennale of Milan until April 1, 2007

Milan, Gran Milan, is hosting a show for those who own, or want to own, an Armani creation. The Triennale in Milan opens its doors to the public from February 20 through April 1, 2007 with the historic creations of Giorgio Armani. Fashion recognized as art. The Armani show at the Triennale is an opportunity to know and understand the designer and his passion. The show boasts over 600 outfits and designs. Each exhibit is supported by audiovisual presentations explaining the moment in time, the tools of the trade and the historic perspective of each representation. Interestingly, the designs are coordinated with all of the accessories. This is a unique opportunity to view the world of fashion through the eyes of one of the masters.

The show is an interesting mix of fashion design and history. The theatrical producer and visual artist, Robert Wilson, designed the environment. Walking through the Armani creations scenes of famous films, important political moments, and people who have influenced our lives flash before our eyes. Armani has always been the definition of elegance. Each design evidences the progression of time.

Continuing through the scenic forest environment the viewer is taken into a world of dreams. The bridal exposition, with its luxurious hand embroidered fabrics, intricate laces, and gem studded dresses invokes images of princes and princesses exchanging vows in romantic castles, with horse drawn carriages and national celebrations. They are still life images of fairytales.

Evenings with the American Gigolo or a night with James Bond spring to life as the evening gowns take center stage. Opulent black silks and satins, with lace shawls and diamond studded hairnets take us into the period of the “Bella Vita” in via Veneto. Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and the Prince of Monaco enjoying a glass of Prosecco while a cool Roman sea breeze flows caresses their cheeks remind of majestic times past and hope for the future.

While Woman’s fashion is dominant, Men’s fashion has not been forgotten. An entire hall is dedicated to the traditional Armani man. Black silk shirts, soft jackets and the dark slacks adorn the exhibition. Their progression over time evidences the subtle changes of the man’s role in today’s world as the designs change, ever so slightly, from year to year.

Perhaps this exhibit is an example of how our world is changing. Fashion representing recent anthropology. The changing role of men and women as seen through what they wear. In this case, “l’abito fa l’uomo”, you can judge a book by its cover. This is not the destination for the traditional museum visitor but it is an interesting way to see who we are and where we have come from.

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