Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ribolla Gialla – A little known Connoisseur’s delight

Ribolla Gialla, known as Ribuele to the Friulani and Re’bula to the Slovenians, a Heirloom Wine from the NorthEastern Italian region of Fruili is a gem of a wine with a taste of Oak, Chestnuts and Acacia flowers. Not much is written about this antique wine. Its lineage is traced back to the 1300s but this wine is reserved, quiet and grown only in the Oriental hills of Friuli. It is thought, because the origins of this vine is clouded in the fog of time, that the grape was brought to Friuli during the Roman Empire and that its progenitor is Avola vine.

Historians believe that Ribolla Gialla is, in fact, indigenous. Their studies indicate that Ribolla Gialla already documented in the XII century is actually the “Rabiola”, a wine widely consumed during the reign of the Serenissima of Venice. In the 1300s, this wine crossed the borders of Friuli. Both Austrian and German Connoisseur heralded the “Rainald” as a marvelous wine.

Ribolla Gialla is of limited production. It can only be grown in its native soil. The region stretches from Tarcento to Istria. It must be grown on the hillsides and will not grow in the plains of the same regions. Experts do not fully understand why the vine is so tied to the soil of this region. They believe that it must have something to do with the microelements in the soil and the distinct climate formed on the slopes of Collio.

This wine was almost lost to humanity in the period from WWI through WWII. Friuli was an intense hotbed of fighting. It acted as a defense between Italy and Austria. The results was the almost complete annihilation of the region, including the vineyards. It was not until 1968 that Ribolla was producing sufficient quantities to be recognized as a DOC.

Thank goodness for the passion and fortitude of the Friulani who rebuilt their lands and restored their heritage. In every sip of Ribolla Gialla you experience the character of the Friulani. Passionate and complex, Ribolla Gialla is a perfect match for velvety soups, before dinner drinks, fish entrées with sauces and fresh cheeses.

Grape: Ribolla Gialla.

Color: Deep straw yellow, with slight greenish highlights.

Bouquet: Chestnuts, Oak and Acacia Flowers.

Taste: Dry, zesty, with average alcohol content, pleasant to drink and inviting.

Alcohol Content: from 10.5 to 11.5 %

Serving Temperature: 10-12 c.

Decanting: None.

Pouring: No special indications.

Glass: White wine glass.

Aging: Not applicable.

Some great Ribolla Gialla Producers:

1° - Collio Ribolla gialla Doc Tercic Matijaz
Località Bucuie, 9 - 34070 San Floriano del Collio (Gorizia)
tel. 0481 884193 - fax 0481 884193

2° - Collio Ribolla gialla Doc "Gmajne" Primosic
Via Madonnina d'Oslavia, 3 - 34070 Oslavia (Gorizia)
tel. 0481 535153 - fax 0481 536705

3° - Collio Ribolla gialla Doc Pascolo Giuseppe
Località Ruttars - 34070 Dolegna del Collio (Gorizia)
tel. 0481 61144 - fax 0481 662163

4° - Collio Ribolla gialla Doc Il Carpino
Via Sovenza, 14/a - 34070 Oslavia (Gorizia)
tel. 0481 884097 - fax 0481 884205

5° - Collio Ribolla gialla Doc Attems
Via Giulio Cesare, 36/a - 34070 Lucinico (Gorizia)
tel. 0481393619 - fax 0481 393162

6° - Collio Ribolla gialla Doc Venica & Venica
Località Cerò, 8 - 34070 Dolegna del Collio (Gorizia)
tel. 0481 61264 - fax 0481 639906

7° - Collio Ribolla gialla Doc Ronco di Zegla
Località Zegla, 12 - 34071 Cormons (Gorizia)
telefono 0481 61155 - fax 0481 61155

8° - Collio Ribolla gialla Doc Draga
Località Scedina, 9 - 34070 San Floriano del Collio (Gorizia)
tel. 0481 884182 - fax 0481 884182

9° - Collio Ribolla gialla Doc Terpin Franco
Località Valerisce, 6/a - 34070 San Floriano del Collio (Gorizia)
tel. 0481 884215 - fax 0481 884215

10°- Collio Ribolla gialla Doc Ronc Alto
Via Montarezza, 33 - 33048 Dolegnano (Udine)
tel. 0432 757173 - fax 0432 757690


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Blogger Lana said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

6:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I imagine your holiday will be spent enjoying the finer food and wine in life - may it be a wonderful celebration of everything and everyone for which you're thankful!

6:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice piece on a wonderful grape and the wine that it makes. I hope more Americans discover this one. How ya gonna keep down on the farm [pinot grigio] after they've tasted RG?

Ciao from NYC, Terry

6:41 AM

Blogger Tracie P. said...

yum! anche a me piace tanto. i had it for the first time in a cichetteria in venice. sono rimasta impressionata :)

3:31 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Bozette Thank you. It was nice.

Anon 1 Yes.

Terry RG is not easily found here in the US. It is a shame because it is different than your usual Pinot Bianco or Grigio.

Tracie b. We know you have good taste. This is just another example.

12:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Delicious. I just rewatched the film "sideways" yesterday. It's all about wine tasting, if you haven't seen it.

8:48 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Rhea Guru' of the Boomer Nation, I do not go to the Cinema and my television is limited to News, Financial News, Dallas Cowboys or Mavericks, and occasionally a SCIFI show if they have a good series available.

Any movie that can get people to try different wines is a good movie. I have heard many people speak fondly of the film, others not so much.

5:51 AM


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