Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Italian Women’s Fashion Fall/Winter 2006/2007

Foto di Luca LazzariThe new fashion season always creates excitement. Italy bustles with designers and models. Each new line is a rebirth. I love women’s fashion, or should I say, I love how fashion looks on women, ok, I just love women. It amazes me that most male designers are gay. The way they are able to accentuate something so beautiful as a woman, as seen from a man’s eyes, is intriguing. The thought of shopping with Raffaella as she models each new outfit, just for me, sends shivers of pleasure up and down my body.

The Fall Winter 2006/2007 women’s fashion is an experiment in foreplay. The general tendency is a play on the late 60s to early 80s styles. Sometimes the entire outfit picks up the colors and textures while other designers have taken just one particular and developed their line around that. Women’s fashion is so much more fun than men’s.

"Why," you say?

Foto di Luca LazzariWell, women look a lot better in slinky, provocative clothes. Leather pants on a man do nothing for me, but put a hot little leather mini skirt on a pair of legs with pumps and you could say it “Floats my boat!”

I liked just about everything hitting the streets this year so I thought it would be better to talk about some of the less known designers. Mind you, these are still top of the top, but they are not the established Armani, Versace, or Missioni.

Foto di Luca LazzariThe creations of Alberto Biani are sleek and colorful. The textures are very soft, hug the body and have that really cute girl next door image. The look is clean and comfortable, easy to mix and match, great for both work and a weekend outing. Some 60s themes, like leopard pants or the hippy blouse, are used in various combinations. Most likely loafers will be the common accompaniment, while spikes would take these designs to a highly playful and seductive level, perfect for a real tease.

Foto di Luca LazzariRoberta Di Camerino has focused on the colorful, cloth belt. Three bright colors breaking or outlining very traditional textures and colors. The contrast makes me think of a shooting star on beautiful clear summer’s night sky. Carta da Zucchero, blue-grey, is the predominant color. Whether the skirts are short or knee length, they flow with a youthful class. Knee high leather boots complete and compliment the outfits, accentuating the clean lines from the jacket to the floor.

Too often designers present beautiful creations that just are not feasible in normal life. This is not the case with Roberta Di Camerino’s collection. A few pieces of this collection will allow numerous combinations right for the office, evenings out on the town or dinner with friends at home.

Foto di Luca LazzariLa Perla is best known for its lingerie line. La Perla is top of the top for intimate wear. Seductive in fabrics and designs, La Perla’s Fall Winter collection of Pret-a-Porter liberates the powerful woman who knows what she wants from a relationship. No longer the coy girl, shyly attempting to attract attention, the La Perla woman is in control. She is the conqueror, conscious of the weapons in her arsenal and she knows how to use them. She is mysterious and intriguing. She has grown and evolved from sexy bad girl to sexy bad woman. Some of the outfits tend toward gothic, an interesting choice in direction.

Foto di Luca LazzariThe Gai Mattiolo collection immediately took me back to disco dancing in the 70s. Tube dresses and tops, long leather gloves, button down wrap skirts, brought memories of Earth Wind and Fire, Gloria Gaynor, Chic, and the Village People, lighted dance floors, and mirror balls flashing. Although I am showing my age on this one, the Mattiolo collection has taken the basic elements of the 70s and put them into a more traditional collection with clean lines, almost formal. The Mattiolo Lady has an attitude, is suggestive, yet not overbearing.

Foto di Luca LazzariI thought it would be interesting to present a new twist in this year’s designers. Simonetta Ravizza presented a line of fur tops, throws and caps combined with wool skirts. The lines are simple but the texture of the furs and the natural colors make this an interesting option in the Fall Winter wardrobe. Most likely not applicable as standalone office wear but this collection is clearly a sexy compliment for travel and weekend occasions.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! The women's line! I love that La Perla top, and the striped blazer.

9:54 PM

Blogger Doll Face said...

I love the black turtle nech, leather skirt, gloves and boots! GORGEOUS!

Post some Cavalli for me babes!

12:04 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Jennifer Great choice, aggressive, dominant and comfortable with who you are!

Natalie Your comments were those of Raffaella. She liked the entire line so much I felt guilty for not bringing something home...

In the next couple of weeks I will sneak in various designers along with shoes (some really neat stuff this year) and accessories.

6:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi David

I also liked the turtleneck, skirt and boots, in fact I think I'll get a turtleneck and boots ... handy work attire too

Guess I already know the statement I am making, by your previous comments


9:41 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

You ladies have really stroked my writer's ego today. I find it a great compliment that my readers have such taste and are so fashion savvy!

11:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the black turtle nech, leather skirt, gloves and boots! GORGEOUS!

9:25 AM


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