Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ruffino Modus 2000 – Designer wine from Tuscany

Ruffino Modus 2000 is a designer wine of good quality. The wine is produced with 50% Sangiovese, 25% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon. In the constant attempt to maintain the quality of our cellar and to find new and unique wines, we are tasting, ok actually drinking the whole bottle, various products from the same producer. Once we have tried numerous products in their line we then moving on to the next company. Our current adventures are with Ruffino. Ruffino has long been a quality producer across several price ranges. In 1997 the company produced its first designer wine, Modus by Tenimenti Ruffino.

We found the choice of grapes to be very interesting for this blend. The Sangiovese produces the dominant flavor of Bing Cherries releasing into red berries, the Merlot adds a velvety sensation encompassing the palate with earthy aromas while the Cabernet Sauvignon adds structure with a bit of a bite and a finish of sweet herbs. Modus Ruffino is smooth and full of flavors, a great initial impact without the heavy tannins resulting in a wine that can be consumed as a before or after dinner drink as well as accompanying food.

The wine accompanied our Bucatini alla Matriciana and it was a very good fit. We wanted to see how the progression to another wine would be so after dinner we passed on to a purebred Chianti, Il Ducale by Ruffino. This was an error. We had noticed with other designer wines that following a designer with a traditional wine, the traditional wine just was not right. Immediately we closed the Chianti and set it aside for another occasion. I do not see this as a limitation but something to remember when serving designer wines. Always have a couple of bottles of the same wine on hand when serving with dinner.

This is another great addition to our cellar. The price is very reasonable, in the 25$ range, can accompany most meats and sauces. I would not go as far as to serve with wild game or an aged or spicy cheese but Modus 2000 can accompany most first plates and entrées. It will also be a good match for before dinner appetizers such as Bruschetta or Crostini.

Grape: Sangiovese 50%, Merlot 25%, Cabernet Sauvignon 25%.

Color: Ruby red and garnet color.

Bouquet: Vanilla, liquorices, white pepper and cinnamon.

Flavor: Cherry jam, raspberries, blackberries, and a finish of blueberries and vanilla.

Alcohol Content: 13.5 %

Serving Temperature: 18-20 c.

Decanting: ½ hour.

Pouring: No special conditions.

Glass: use a clear, stemmed glass.


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