Friday, June 23, 2006

Il Borro – Traditional Tuscany with all the bells and whistles

Located south of Florence close to Arezzo, Il Borro offers a unique opportunity to experience the Tuscan lifestyle in its many facets. Complete with a wine and culinary center, this agriturismo is an antique mountain village that has been completed renovated with the latest amenities.

A cool breeze filters down the valley from the higher mountains cooling the early evening air. The perfume of the forests and the vineyard’s warm bouquet penetrates the atmosphere. The 14th century buildings of the medieval town embrace the narrow stone paths as they wind across the antique center of the city. Brick arches span from one home to another, each framing a new view worthy of being immortalized by the artist’s imagination.

The setting sun radiates colors of orange and yellow illuminating the mountains that rise majestically in the evening sky. The thick foliage continues another 200 meters above the rooftops. The panorama is filled with mountaintops and green valleys, vineyards that climb the mountain slopes and Olive groves in the valleys. Faintly, in the distance, the bird’s calls echo across the valleys as they return to safety their nests hidden in the heavily wooden mountains. The colors are so vivid, the smells so persistent, and the dimmest sounds clearly reverberate in this paradise.

Days are rejuvenating; a trip to the winery, shopping in the open market, or a dip in the pool, all are activities that fascinate and tease the imagination. Leonardo, the director, is a gracious host and Salvatore Ferragamo is truly a gentleman, paying close attention to the guests as they chat about this and that over an espresso. Meandering along the inlaid stone streets, tightly woven around the corners of the buildings, back to the borgo reminds of a balanced life.

After several days out and about the local restaurants, the forno a legna is a welcomed amenity. The local bakery can supply the biga, pane madre, for Tuscan loaf bread. Fresh pasta from a nearby town, and a ragout prepared with fresh ingredients are the basis for a lasagna to be cooked in the traditionally ways. Newfound friends, hailing from countries across the world, share days of horseback riding, a trip above the valley in a hot balloon, cooking lessons with master Tuscan chefs, golf, hunting and tours of the winery tasting innovative wines of various vintages.

More than a vacation, Il Borro is an escape from the superficial and the sensationalism of our today. It is an opportunity to reconstitute both body and soul.


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Thanks for a very interesting and informative post! Tuscany is really on my wish to go list and therefore you're post really tempted me:-)

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greetings from malaysia!

sook mei

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