Thursday, April 13, 2006

Restaurant Alla Cucina delle Langhe - Milan

Alla Cucina delle Langhe is a gem in the sea of fine dining in Milan. This is not a touristy place but is “IN”. Supermodels, actors, and politicians know where you can find good food and this is one of the favorite haunts in Milan. Traditional regional foods from Piemonte and Lombardia are the stalwarts of this interesting establishment.

The menu’ is a smorgasbord of traditional dishes. One of the few places that you can find Risotto al Barolo, Brasato al Barolo, Anatra (duck with an apple dressing), Risotto alla Milanese, Osso Buco, and a caret of desserts that will make you wish you had not eaten dinner. My dessert of preference, that Raffaella now makes at home, is Bonet. The wine cellar is tremendous, Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Tignanello, Giacosa Barolo, Nebbiolo, Gaja & Rey, and Arneis on the top end and numerous middle level wines.

Beginning in September Tartufo and Mushrooms also appear in the menu’. From a simple pasta with grated Tartufo to the more elaborate risotto and pate’ the dishes accentuate the unique flavors of these basic elements.

This is a unique restaurant and one of the few opportunities to taste traditional foods along with the wine from the same area. I would choose a theme and follow that throughout the dinner. Your waiter will be able to assist you in the menu’ selection. Finally finish the dinner with grappa from the same vineyard and grape of the wine you had for dinner.

While dining on these delicacies you may see the latest fashion sitting at the table next to you, obviously with some beautiful supermodel in it. I have seen various US actors visiting over the years.

The tables are tight and reservations are always needed but the environment is comfortable while maintaining a proper décor. This is not a place for shorts and a t-shirt and you can expect to spend about 60$ per person.

Alla Cucina delle Langhe is considered a “must stop” place for all visiting Milan, the service will be considered slow by US “serv’em and turn’em” standards but slow down, enjoy the wine and the atmosphere, and take the time to appreciate the food, it is one of a kind.

Corso Como 6 (MI)
Tel. 02/6554279 fax 02/29006859


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Blogger Tracie P. said...

ah, the tartufi bianchi! i was fortunate enough to have eaten them shaved over a fried egg in the middle of a barbaresco vineyard. now that will leave a lasting impression on girl!

12:41 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

you are fortunate! Tartufo in the land of Barbaresco, perhaps at the festival of tartufo.

4:43 AM


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