Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Barbaresco Gaja 1998 – Red Wine from Piemonte

One of Italy's great red wines, produced from Nebbiolo grapes grown in the Langhe area of Piemonte. The wine takes its name from the village of its origin. 100% Nebbiolo, aged in Ash or Oak barrels, great tannins, this wine is one of my favorites. We opened the Barbaresco about 40 minutes before the cannelloni were ready. After the Sori Tildin the dry Barbaresco was fantastic. The cannelloni had a rich, meat based sauce. The Barbaresco easily cleaned the palette and complimented with fullness of flavors.

This is an expensive wine. Best for special occasions and should not be mixed with lower quality wines. It is not necessary to drink a lot to drink well. Take it slow, let the wine take you over. It will heighten the senses and accompanying an appropriate dish will leave you extremely satisfied.

Gaja is a premier producer, some of its production receives 100 on the wine spectator scale, and this wine is among the top.

Color: Garnet.

Aroma: The nose is almost sensual in its complexity, with aromas of forest fruits, plums, licorice, mineral and coffee scents.

Taste: Long, complex finish with fine, silk-like tannins and good acidity; dense structure, full of super-ripe fruit.

Aging: 12 months of barrel aging; 12 months of aging in large oak casks.

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