Monday, October 08, 2007

Chiaranda’ - Contessa Entellina – Donnafugata

Sicily brings us a Chiaranda’, blend of Chardonnay and Ansonica, an autochthon grape of Sicily. The blend creates an interesting combination of flavors and sensations. Chiaranda’ is a white wine with the body of a red. A full bodied white with dominate tastes of mature yellow apples and high acidity. Less dominant undertones of mature peaches coat the palate. The acidity leaves the mouth clean and ready to taste another bite of food.

Chiaranda’ was first produced in 1992. Ansonica is widely produced as a farmer’s table. The Chardonnay mellowed the wine and added hints of Vanilla and Peanut Butter. Chiaranda’ is a relatively potent wine. The warm Sicilian sun gives Chiaranda’ a constant 13,5-14,0 % alcohol content. Chiaranda’ is a great selection with regional Sicilian dishes like “Cous Cous” (remember Sicily was under Arab rule for several centuries), Pasta alla Norma, Mushroom Casserole, Slow cooked and Roasted Pork and Turkey, and obviously fried and baked fish with savory sauces.


Donnafugata participates, with Chiaranda’, in the Wine for Life program. Wine for Life is a non-profit that raises money for AIDS care and research.

Grapes: Ansonica 50% Chardonnay 50%.

Color: Intense Yellow

Bouquet: Mature Yellow Fruits.

Taste: Savory full body of Mature Yellow Apples, then mature peaches. Hints and a
finish of Vanilla and Peanut Butter.

Alcohol: 13.5%

Serving Temperature: 11-13 c.

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