Saturday, September 01, 2007

2007 Italian grape harvest down 13% - Wine prices to rise 20%

The lover of old world wines in America is under siege. The falling dollar has significantly increased the cost of imported wines. Mother nature has given the wine lover another blow. The 2007 Italian grape harvest was the earliest in 70 years and the quantity is down 13%. The 2006/2007 winter season was one of the driest in 20 years followed by the hottest April in 50 years. Then came August with its torrid heat and the result is an early harvest and a reduction in the quantity of as much as 50%.

In this scenario not all wines suffer. Prosecco registered increases as high as 100% but success stories are few and far between. The Association of wine producers assures us that the quality is excellent however my experience is that when the weather does not cooperate the harvest is not as good. If the 2007 Vintage follows historical patterns some of the best Italian wines will not be produced. It also means that production runs will result in fewer bottles. Lower quantities will most likely result in higher prices. Things just are not going our way.

Do not despair. This is the sure way to know that your wine is made by authentic methods with heirloom grapes. This is the real stuff. True quality sometimes will cost a little more. The 2007 Vintage of 2007 may produce some very unique wines, something that cannot be repeated again until another unusual season comes along. So try the wines. If you find something you like a great deal you want to buy some extra bottles and put them away.


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