Friday, August 24, 2007

Italian Hairstyles Fall Winter 2007/2008 – Counter Tendency Short and Sassy

Elaborately adorned hair bands and long hair neatly woven into buns or braids are the primary 2007/2008 tendency but, as with all things, not everyone follows the trend. Counter tendencies emerge and sometimes take over the mainstream as individuals look to set themselves apart from the masses. Most hair stylists are perfecting their weaving skills and ordering numerous variations of clips and bands. Some are specializing in the nonconformist and, sometimes wild, short cuts.

These cuts say that you are confident and vibrant. Perhaps they are the new femininity. The identifying mark of the woman who is confident, sparkling without the traditional constructs. Aldo Coppola's shops are adding some interesting twists with colors and highlights.

Perhaps it is this year’s extraordinarily hot Italian summer bringing out the garcon short cut. The basic is “au nature” but highlights and tints are quickly taking over. The look is very clean with limited volume. Daily maintenance should be minimal with these cuts, perfect for the busy girl. I prefer the longer styles but these may just take over the mainstream or work as an intermediary step toward longer hairstyles.


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Anonymous RennyBA said...

Hey: It's still summer in Norway! But a nice reminder anyway:-)

Btw: My father was a hair dresser - I can see there is some change in the years style.

11:04 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Renny Italy is still suffering with 40c. temps but fashion knows no limits. Ferragosto ends the summer and Italy starts moving toward the hustle and bustle of the fall.

9:31 AM

Blogger Dominique said...

Being the fifth generation and a Master Stylist and nail techician any style that I wear doesn't compliment my hair texture. Either one out of four sections of my hair is dry; my hair line is curly and fine, my interior roots are soft or my ends look like a fox fur. I have yet to find a style to fit my appearance. Poor me, I am stuck between a dry brittle silky side deep wave and porky pines spikes.

10:12 PM


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