Tuesday, March 06, 2007

International day of the Woman 2007 – March 8

Gentlemen, do not forget that the 8th of March is the International day of the Woman, in Italy the Festa della Donna. The traditional gift is a branch of Mimosa. While this festivity is not celebrated in the US, it is extremely important across the world. If you are curious about this date and how it relates to our culture, I wrote about it last year. This is part of who we are and our women deserve both our admiration and respect.

To my wife, daughters and all the women in my life, Auguri!

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Anonymous gerry said...

Hey! the post is damn cute for the way you have put across your desire to thank all the women whom you hold dear. Do drop by my blog too coz am sure it will be really helpful in wishing all those women a Happy Women's Day!

12:15 AM

Anonymous Jennifer said...

You know ... that sounds like a tradition we should definitely adopt over here.

I could go for a Mimosa ... or two :)

3:20 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Gerry thanks for stopping by.

Jennifer I agree. It will never happen because the US aristocracy is scared to death that we might remember how bad government and business is. Unfortunately some great holidays come from really horrid events.

6:21 AM


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