Thursday, February 22, 2007

Prosecco Crede Brut Bisol 2005

So many great Prosecco wines and so few days in the week, this is the dilemma. From the Prosecco Brut of the corporate entity of Aneri we passed to a exclusive product of the Bisol family winery, Prosecco Crede Brut Bisol 2005. It is hard to expose greater contrast in two wineries. The Bisol family has been in the Prosecco regions since the XVI century growing the Prosecco grapes. In the late 1800s they began producing their own wines and have recently taken their family’s passion to a new level adding an Agriturismo with wine tasting, grape growing and wine making courses.

This is a Prosecco and a vacation experience. Think about shedding the traditional tourist clothes, dawning your jeans and gloves, shears in hand you learn to grow and pick grapes. How about a two week vacation making wine or a week of wine tasting where you will not hear about ratings or flavors and bouquets in an aesthetic context, instead combined with visits to the kitchen to pair flavors and structure. This Prosecco is great just thinking about how it is made and the possibility to participate in next year’s production. I have said enough about the vacation, how about the wine.

Prosecco Crede Brut Bisol 2005 is a single vineyard Prosecco, 85% Prosecco, 10% Pinot Bianco; 5% Verdiso. The vineyard is located on the steep hills of the "Poderi Bisol". The wine's name, Crede, comes from the clay soils known as "crede". Initially it has that slightly bitter taste that we love in a Prosecco but the finish sweetens out a bit. The bubbles are more intrusive than the Montesel but still a bit on the light side for our preference. Additionally, as we continued into the bottle it seemed to lose that characteristic flavor we associate with Prosecco. The alcohol content is good at 11.5% but the flowers and honey take away the dryness in the finish.

Wine Spectator always rates this wine well. This year is an 89 so the wine should do well with most American tastes. Still it is not exactly what we are looking for in complete Prosecco. Do not mistake me, this Prosecco will be great with most delicate Risotto recipes and the persistent foam makes this great for festive occasions. The Bisol family knows their stuff but I believe the true value in this Prosecco is the opportunity to vacation in the Agriturismo and to learn about the passion of wine.

Grape: 85% Prosecco, 10% Pinot Bianco, 5% Verdisio.

Color: Brilliant straw yellow with a foam consisting of a myriad of minute and persistent bubbles.
Bouquet: Scents of wildflowers that are appropriately Intense and fresh and an emerging and agreeable note of fruitiness.

Taste: As in the bouquet, there are fruity hints of apples and pears and their harmony is completed by a rich and refined structure.

Alcohol Content: 11.5 %

Serving Temperature: 9 c.

Decanting: None.

Pouring: Pour slowly with a 15-20 degree inclination.

Glass: Flute.

Aging: Up to 2 years.


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