Monday, December 18, 2006

Women’s Winter Holiday Fashion 2007 - DOPOSCI

Doposci translates to “after ski”. Women's Winter Fashion would not be complete without including the white vacation outfits. I have long adored skiing and while a youngster in college spent many a study day on the slopes in Utah and Colorado. When I first went to Italy I was introduced to a heavy looking boot, all dressed out with fur, embroidered micro fibers or heavy cloth. They looked so warm and when combined with a winter outfit, I found them quite attractive. Let us say even sexy. I immediately thought of the timberland type boots we would wear in the lodge in the states and these Doposci seemed to be a mix between a heavy winter walking boot and ski boots.

Perhaps it was the fact that every woman I saw wearing these boots was hot but I have since associated Doposci with soft, warm femininity. As I was working on my article about Gucci Accessories I was distracted by the marvelous things shuffling through the snow of the white vacation destinations of Courmayeur, Sestriere, Cortina, Madonna di Campiglio and the Presolana.

The look is Doposci, leather or heavy knit jacket or cape and a hood. The hood, almost exclusively fur lined, is loose fitting and draped creating a show, don’t show, illusion of mystery. This outfit is definitely designed to bring attention to a woman’s lines and curves accentuating a man’s curiosity. The Doposci can also be combined with just about any style of jeans adapting equally well to the casual and the out and about dress.

In Italy Doposci are usually reserved for the winter vacation spots but in Northern Italy can also be seen during the coldest weeks of late January and February. Doposci can be found in any major Italian city and will be sold at a reduced price starting the first week of February. These are unique designs and can be worn for several years without concern of seeing someone else with a similar boot.

The boots and outfits displayed here can be found at the boutique of the Crystal Czar, Fiona Winter-Swarovski, in Milan. Her boutique can be found at:

Fiona Winter Studio
Via Casati 2
Tel: +39.02.2056941


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Blogger Jim Belshaw said...

David, I just wanted to wish you and Raffaella a great Christmas and a very happy new year. I look forward to you continuing to educate me on matters Italian as well our dialogue across our respective blogs

10:02 PM

Anonymous chase said...

I like women wearing boots especially a 3 inch boot since it makes women more taller and look taller.

1:44 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Jim Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours! I see you returned from your vacation I hope all went well.

Chase I like the boots. Perhaps it is just that I like women but I think these are fun and create an interesting look!

8:52 AM


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