Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Italian Men’s Fashion Fall Winter 2006-2007 Armani

Commenting on the recent review of Missoni, Lexcen of Watches for the Watch Lover, asked about Armani. I must admit that over the years Armani has been one of my favorite designers of Men’s wear for both formal and casual wear. I do not have that 20something model’s body. I work too much, I play too hard and I love food and wine (of course I also love women but that does not influence the extra pounds I have acquired over the years). Armani has always had a comfortable fit for my body type. This is not true of all designers. Another important factor has also been his ability to match classic grace and style with new colors, fabrics and tendencies.

Armani is the Pat Riley and Phil Jackson. It is the Katie Holmes wedding dress. It is Sean Connery and Elisabeth Taylor. Over time it is one of the designs that has always evidenced royalty, grace and style.

Several years ago, Armani created Emporio Armani. I consider this the Armani collection for the under thirty, young and anti-conformist, man. The fit of the Emporio Armani is also similar to that of other designers. Needless to say, rarely could I find something that I liked and, when I did, I couldn’t get the jackets around my shoulders without popping the seams. Armani’s formal attire is always smart and sleek. It makes even the guys like me almost as good as Sean Connery. While the top line suits and jackets are still part of this year’s collection, Armani decided to introduce the anti-conformist designs into the Armani collection. Most of these I would have expected to see in the Emporio Armani line. Some of them I like, some I consider to be sloppy and mismatched.

I call this the Casual Chic. This is an Italian idiom indicating dressing like a University Professor with a $3,000 jacket. Some it looks really good, unique and intriguing, but for most it is sloppy. I think I am one of the guys who would come off sloppy. The real question is why Armani chose to move this way now. He has always been the bastion of elegance and style. Perhaps it is the aging baby boomer. Some marketing guys may think that the anti-conformist of the sixties will maintain, at least in the subconscious, a desire to be different and to break down the norms and will be willing to spend big bucks to do it.

I cannot say that I do not find some of the new stuff interesting. I can see in certain occasions where a velvet or tweed could be appropriate but I cannot afford to buy a suit to wear it twice a month. If I buy Armani I want to make it work all the time, mix and match, with or without the tie, anti-conformist for me means a midnight blue double-breasted Armani with an orange Trussardi tight knit shirt with no collar. In that occasion I may even put on a 1950s hat with a silk belt around the base.

To sum it up, the collection is interesting, some will even say progressive. The variety spans the entire spectrum from super casual to pure elegance. The original class is still there, just not evidenced and may be on its way out over the next few years.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks David. Seeing this collection I would agree with you. Then again, I would have to ask my son whether he likes the Armani style. Compared to what the youth are wearing today, Armani is still more elegant in a raffish way.

12:45 PM

Blogger Small Business USA said...

Lexcen This and more for my blogging friends!

The collection still has all the great Armani, they simply chose to evidence the new stuff.

2:09 PM

Blogger Miss Natalie said...

Ohh, i LOVE the pinstripes. Noone can go wrong with armani ;-)

5:21 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Miss Natalie I love the pinstripes also but would have a hard time pulling of the velvet print suit.

6:37 AM

Anonymous charles said...

They all look so stylish. I always like to wear those kind of clothes

2:27 AM


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