Friday, October 27, 2006

Northern Italian Town of Brescia Accused of Far West Justice

During my last trip, many of the vineyard owners had indicated that this year looked like there would be a good harvest. It was still several weeks before the gathering was to begin so they were cautiously optimistic. A change in the weather, rain or extreme heat, can ruin a perfect growing season. While following up on this story, my buddies in Franciacorta were all a buzz about the new initiative by the Mayor of Brescia. Brescia has about 60,000 inhabitants.

Italy has a serious illegal immigration problem. It is just a boat ride away from Northern Africa and the Middle East and has the hardest frontiers to defend because it is 75% coast. The problem is further exasperated because Northern European cities in dire need of immigrants create policies enticing the immigrants to arrive and stay in their countries but they are mostly land locked.

Italy has about 59 million citizens. It has, at any given time, 16-18 million illegal immigrants. The immigrants arrive in Italy and then work their way up into Germany, Holland, and England. While about 10% establish themselves in Italy the remainder stay in Italy 12-18 months. When they arrive in Italy they have nothing and they do anything they can to survive. Italy does its best to fight the crime and help those often in dangerously precarious situations.

Over the years the business owners have learned that it is not in their best interest to hire these pass through workers preferring legal residents with a desire to remain with the company and contribute to the community. In fact there are about 186,000 legal immigrants working in Italian industries, down from 220,000 four years ago. The other 17 million or so illegal immigrants are involved in numerous criminal activities.

The Northern town of Brescia is a quite town close to Garda Lake, 60 km east of Milan, and in the lands of the vineyards of Franciacorta. A hardworking no nonsense people with a desire to give their kids a better future. Crime had not been one of the characteristics of this region until about 10 years ago when the illegal immigrants arrived. Drugs appeared on the streets, prostitution skyrocketed and summer villas on the lake were vandalized. The new Mayor decided to fix the problem. The city is paying the local cops 500 Euro for every illegal immigrant arrested and 2,000 Euro for every drug pusher. Just think how much money the Bounty Hunter could make if the same initiative was active in Texas!!!

The Far Left political factions immediately cried foul. The rhetoric is the same used by LULAC and listening to the local Sinistroidi, super left wing politicians, it sounded like the Lou Dobbs special of CNN from San Antonio Texas on illegal immigration.

Lou, I salute your tenacity, going into one of the strongest safe haven cities
in the US to talk about the evils of illegal immigration.

Cowboy Justice, shoot ‘em up enforcement,” are the cries. “There are no illegals, just world citizens; they have the right to be here; this type of policy will result in increased terrorist activities against Italy and it is only our fault; today we work, tomorrow we vote,” all are phrases plastered in the public discussion by the organizations supporting illegal immigration.

Interestingly enough, the city of Brescia has been emptied of illegal immigrants and drug pushers are no longer openly walking the streets. Needless to say, while the Sinistroidi are upset, the Bresciani are happy to stroll through the city in the evening without worrying about being mugged.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brescia offers the world an example of how to solve the problem of crime instigated by illegal criminals. The best solutions are obviously the simplest. It seems that politicians these days are devoid of common sense.
David, thanks for the insight into this problem in Italy.

12:20 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Lexcen I have been somewhat suprised that all established countries are facing some of the same problems.

I think the Mayor of Brescia is doing great things. Since the Terminator from Austria was elect to Governor in California perhaps we could get the Mayor of Brescia to run for Governor of Texas!

4:15 PM

Blogger Italian Wine Guy® said...

not to be outdone by the Bresciani, the Bergamosti are at it too:
(AGI) - Bergamo, Oct. 30 - Everyone likes the defendant that will be tried tomorrow in Bergamo: chocolate. The initiative, organised by Cesvi, Slow Food and Associazione Sinapsi aims at investigating the social, cultural and economic aspects of chocolate, starting off from the source, cocoa, thoroughly and ironically analysing how it affects environment and society. Proscecution and defence, through apposite cross examinations, testimonies, consulencies, will provide evidence and studies supporting and spoiling the charges. The prosecutor will utter the final ruling: innocent or guilty; the 'jury' will consist of Carlo Casti, president of Slow Food Italia, while the prosecution and defence will be represented by lawyers Daniela Rubino and Gianluca Belotti. Chancellor will be comedian Sergio Sgrilli. Witnesses will include Andrea Trinci, chocolate maker, former professor at the Master of Food; Manuel Gomez, director-general of Acción Campesina, Venezuelan association that cooperates in projects supporting sustainable agriculture and partner of Cesvi; Rosa De Marco, neurologist at the Ospedali Riuniti in Bergamo; Paolo Moschini, President of Chococlub and Gabriele Rinaldi, director of the botanic department of Bergamo. (AGI) -

3:11 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

I wish I was at that one!

I wonder if it includes tastings.

4:11 PM


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