Friday, July 21, 2006

Grillo Feudo Arancio 2005 - White wine from Sicily

We shared this bottle of Grillo Feudo Arancio 2005, from a much larger selection, with Italian Wine Guy. He is a professional in the wine business and a sommelier of great fame. We thought it would be interesting to write our individual thoughts about the wines independently. Please check out his thoughts at On the Wine Trail.

Several months ago one of our cooking buddies asked us about a wine that we had not heard of before. He was so ecstatic when talking about this wine that we have kept our eyes open ever since. He explained in great detail the bottle and what he remembered as the name. He indicated that he believed that it was from Sicily. At this point we were somewhat perplexed. Our experience with Sicilian whites is that they are very strong and tending toward sweet, not at all similar to what he was telling us. Last night a bottle of Sicilian white arrived and we immediately thought about our friend Wally.

When someone describes a wine we do not know and the characteristics they remember are different than what we know about the wines produced in a certain region we are somewhat skeptical. Wally, as all our cooking buddies, has developed a very good palate so we were curious about this Sicilian wine. As we popped the cork it was immediately apparent that this was not the typical Sicilian white wine. A full-bodied bouquet and definite personality were the first impression. Chilled properly, the first sips revealed an elegant flavor and images of the orient. A taste of spices, green pepper corns, completed this clean yet flavorful white wine.

Once we had determined that this was a wine worthy of a place in our repertoire of whites I did some more research. The price is extremely competitive and would rate as a great value. The local producer is part of the Mezzacorona family. This probably explains the basic quality of the wine. Sicilian wines are not very well known and traditionally have certain characteristics but Grillo breaks the commonly accepted stereotype of Sicilian whites and is a great everyday wine for those who like dry whites with personality and character.

: Grillo 100%.

Color: Hay yellow.

Bouquet: Jasmine and spices.

Flavor: Clean full-bodied flavor, flowers and spices, the residual is green pepper corns.

Alcohol Content: 13.5 %

Serving Temperature: 10-12 c.

Decanting: None

Pouring: avoid holding the neck of the bottle.

Glass: Long stemmed narrow bodied glass or flute.

Aging: Should be consumed within 2 years.

Notes: Young wine best to accompany fresh cheeses, white meats, roasted fish, and appetizers.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried a glass of Grillo at a restaurant while on vacation and it was wonderful. Light and fruity without being either sweet or cheek puckering dry. Now where can I buy it in the US?

11:05 AM

Blogger Marilyn said...

Just had my first glass of Sicilian Grillo at Il Gattopardo NYC. I had ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio, however, the waiter recommended this "unknown" gem. Extremely light, highly acidic, and flavored with florals and spice. Absolutely delicious. It paired perfectly with the Dover sole I ordered with light olive oil. Marvelous!
The Wine Diva NYC

11:56 AM


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