Friday, April 21, 2006

Miwine 2006 – Wine Tradeshow in Milan

MIWINE - June 12-14 Fiera di Milano

Italy has long made the transition from producing mass, low cost, low quality products to producing only high quality specialized goods and services. Each region and sector has government sponsored entities to assist in the promotion of the local goods and services. This is in addition to the Chambers of Commerce and national trade organizations.

Milan, as the center of finance and fashion, has recently begun an ambitious program to make it a center for the distribution of wines and gourmet foods. With the collaboration of the Istituto Nazionale per il Commercio Estero, Regione Lombardia, Comune di Milano, Camera di Commercio di Milano, Meeting Milano and numerous national and international operators in the Wine and distilled spirits market, Miwine has initiated an aggressive worldwide campaign to promote Italian wines and distilled spirits. They participate in numerous tradeshows across the world but the show in Milan is surely the most important.

The show features wines and distilled spirits. Grappa is a distilled wine and some of the best will be present. If you do not know Grappa, or have had a bad experience with Grappa, it may be worthwhile to check out the site Grappa Diaries. I can attest that while many do not like Grappa, a perfect meal would always conclude with a Grappa made from the same grapes as the wine served with dinner.

The show presents over 1200 producers, 25,000 market operators, and almost 600 journalists. This is a closed show for those who work in the field, which means, wine shops, producers, hotels, restaurants, distributors, importers, travel operators etc. and you should acquire your tickets (about 20 euro) online before hand.

The show is not limited to the fair itself. Miwine is promoting an all night tour of 100 restaurants and bars (obviously over several nights), and trips across Italy to visit various producers. They also promote several conferences during the show.

This show is not for everyone but, if you love wine and perhaps grappa, this show is the place to be.


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Blogger Italian Wine Guy® said...

WOW, Italy is one big giant Wine Fair!

2:40 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

I guess that indicates how much we like our wine, or from an economic point, how well we market high quality specialized producted without sending the production to China!

Sorry about the rant but I am listening to my daily news shows where they are proposing the "gospel" of pay people less who cares if the quality is inferior. And my addition to their comments is: "They think the Americans are too stupid to understand quality and value"

2:50 PM

Blogger Italian Wine Guy® said...

What The Italian sensibility means to me is a higher level of expectation, from centuries of cultivation of their civilization.

That's obvious if you go into any little trattoria across the country and see the fresh, the clean, the pure, the wonderful foods and wines..

simplicity is one of the highest expressions of sophistication....

3:46 PM

Blogger ginkers said...

Thanks for the link, much appreciated. Indeed, there is no better way to end a meal than a grappa - I think of eating as something to be got out of the way to get to the espresso and grappa stage!

4:08 AM


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