Monday, February 18, 2008

Italian Fashion - Fendi Spring Summer 2008

Italian Fashion is great because of the variety of imaginative designs presented for the same season. The underlying theme remains the same but each designer presents something unique and develops that theme over numerous outfits creating something that will work for just about anyone and any occasion. Fendi is all about colors. It is a play on the rectangle with natural stones and fabrics to create a bright yet structured diversion from the basic outfit. Most often the colors are on accessories but can find themselves on borders and hemlines. Every time I see a Fendi outfit it reminds me of Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men.”

“I notice you're wearing your Class A appearance in dress uniform for court today.”

“You can’t handle the truth!!!”

The outfits are a combination of “The Jetson’s” loosely combined with the Woodstock era. The shoulders seem to have wings and a tight waist evidencing the hourglass figure. The Woodstock influence brings in flowing ankle length skirts in cotton and silk. Tie die patterns are prominent. I am not sure how the Peacock tail ended up in some of the patterns. Perhaps experimental new drugs designed for the 23rd century.

The final group of designs would have been fit for a young Mortisha Adams. I am not sure how they fit into the traditional Fendi but are somehow intriguing.

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Blogger FlavoursofItaly said...

Love Fendi - the best of italian!

4:25 AM

Blogger ChloeB said...

Great Italian catwalk fashion, I would love to wear one of those dresses with geometric patterns winter outfits idea

7:53 PM


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