Monday, September 10, 2007

MICAM – The Shoe Event in the City of Fashion

September begins the season of tradeshows. Hotels with available rooms are hard to find, restaurants booked, and life is very busy. Milan is the center of Fashion. The first place to see the new styles that will shape the future seasons. The stores in Milan offer the latest and greatest but there is a way to get a jumpstart on even the trendiest stores. MICAM, the shoe fair, opens on the 20th and runs through the 23rd of September. The shoe fair is only open to those who work in the industry and requires online pre-qualification but if you have anything to do with a retail store and can get someone to vouch for you this is the best way to get those great spikes at least a season before anyone else.

The show is laid out by market segment. Entire buildings dedicated to just one theme. This year’s themes are:

Women’s sophisticated shoes
Women’s trendy shoes
Men/Women luxury shoes
Mixed shoes
Young Fashion shoes

MICAM ShoeEvent, the Milan exhibition for top- and middle/top-of-the-range footwear, confirms its position as the largest international fair for this sector. It attracted some 42,879 visitors of whom 21,589 came from abroad. The fair covers 730,000 square feet in 8 separate pavilions. There are 1,650, 1,100 Italian and 550 foreign, manufacturers are present.


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Blogger Alfonso Cevola said...

wow that's like vinitaly for the foot.Footaly! very cool

Davide? how does the size of Micam compare to Vinitaly?


8:08 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

VinItaly is spread out over 10% more space but has almost 3 times the number of companies presenting their wares. VinItaly also has several versions of the fair in various countries, the most recent here in Chicago while Micam is mostly Italian. Micam runs several editions during the year in Milan and also does off season smaller shows in Rome and other major Italian cities.

8:17 AM


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