Sunday, September 02, 2007

La Brace Praiano – Dinner with a view

Antique hand-cut stones laid carefully on top of one another to support the wooden tussle ceiling supports create an aura of the antique craftsmanship of times passed. The food in this restaurant must be good. The environment is quiet, sturdy, and au nature. Restaurants spend millions of dollars creating environment. Some places just have the environment because they are the real thing. Praiano is one of my favorite places to get away and relax. If you want a change from the great food at Hotel Tritone, La Brace in the center of Praiano is a perfect solution.

La Brace is no longer one of those places that only the locals know about. The slow travel group featured the restaurant a couple of years ago but this has not ruined the restaurant. La Brace has been able to intermingle the slow travel type into its regular business. La Brace still offers quality service, in Italian said to be “all’antica.” La Brace serves regional dishes and has a good selection of local wines. Some of the plates worth trying are the Pasta alle Alici and the Pesto Amalfitana followed the Caponata Paesana and finished with Vin Santo and biscotti.

The environment would be considered a little stuffy by today’s contemporary standards. Waiters dressed in white shirts and bowties, white tablecloths and porcelain plates. The view is incredible. Located in the city built on the cliffs overlooking the Sea, every table seems to be suspended in the air with a complete view of the Costiera Amalfitana. Authentic food, a great view and impeccable service make La Brace a destination that will become a part of those places you remember with fondness over the years.

84010 PRAIANO (SA)
Tel: +39 089 874226


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