Monday, September 03, 2007

Fendi Fall Winter 2007/2008 – Italian Design for HOT WOMEN!

The Italian designer’s understanding of the female body and what is sensual always amazes me. The designs seem to accentuate femininity, expanding in space and dominating all around. I always wonder how us poor mortal men stand a chance when women are supplied with such an arsenal of weapons. Fendi’s 2007/2008 Fall and Winter collection is a combination small, medium and heavy arms giving the femme fatale a definite edge in the battle of the sexes.

Fendi presents a series of wool and knitted outfits along with fur and heavy fabric coats, wraps and shawls. Usually winter outdoor wear will be bulky, rendering the wearers beauty invisible, hidden under layers of warmth. Fendi has taken these warm pelts and fabrics and formed them compliment the apparent feminine vulnerability. The furs are chosen for their color and texture blending with the woman sporting these coats. It can be difficult to identify where her long hair ends and the fur begins.

Leather is always a good choice for winter wear. Unfortunately not all designers are able to create a functional outfit in leather. Fendi has pulled this one off with both the short aggressive and the long professional looks.

Heavier winter fabrics are not easily adapted for a formfitting line. Fendi accomplishes the trick with knitted wools laced with elastic fibers and belts. These are the spandex of wool. Nothing baggy here ladies. These are hot and sensual! I surrender.


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Blogger Annika said...

oooooooh gimme some Fendi asap!!! I love all of it!

9:30 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Annika Only the hottest clothes for you hot ladies!

1:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh David... but, fur is so vulgar no matter who wears it.

Some Italian designers are fantastic but in general, they are not particularly subtle. When the balance between sophistication (sensuality) and sexy isn't properly handled, it's really easy to look tacky.

Now, is that why Valentino prefers to show his collections in Paris?

6:52 PM


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