Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lamborghini Alar – Quanto Sei Bella !

Lamborghini Alar is a beautifully inspired work of art. I think many of the same characteristics I desire in women are the same as I look for in car. Thinking about those with significant disposable income, they have harems of cars. Each one loved and cherished. Each car has a unique attraction. I love cars with sinuous lines, unusual designs, extreme performance, and a cabin that snuggly embraces you in soft and sensuous leathers.

The newest addition to the house of Lamborghini is a vehicle worthy of lust. I am not one to chase after the latest tight suspension or the body with exaggerated curves. The Lamborghini Alar is mysterious and aloof yet inviting all to dream about her. Her silhouette is long and sleek. Her oversized dark tinted windows sit on top of a solid body.

Air scoops in the side doors flow into the wheel wells adding aerodynamic stability while creating an hourglass type figure. If you are fortunate enough to sneak up on her from behind the cooling slats leading out from the bubble like back window become wings of a great dark eagle.

The most likely vision you will be fortunate enough to have of this little beauty is in the rear view mirror as she approaches quickly and swiftly. Her numerous air scoops in both the hood and front spoiler intertwine seamlessly creating a series of curves, nooks and crannies. As you start to dream of this beautiful babe she is gone, simply little red lights leaving your horizon. The emotion remains, you have been touched by an angel, even if only for moment. She is a glimpse of heaven. Once you have seen her, she will always be there, in your dreams, waiting just for you.

The Lamborghini Alar is my car of the decade.


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