Thursday, July 19, 2007

Italian Women’s Hairstyles 2007 – Feminine and Romantic

The underlying theme for all of 2007 is long and neat. The Summer 2007 hairstyles make wide use of the hair band, often woven into the style by the hairdresser. The continuing theme for the rest of the fall and winter 2007 / 2008 seems to be long hair and a neat look. The hair band disappears as summer’s heat give way to autumn’s colors. As autumn represents a more reflexive time following the giddiness of summer the hairstyles change accordingly. Braids, ribbons and embroidered hairnets woven into the cut replace bands and free flowing long hair.

The ponytail is the easiest and most prevalent. Some allow the hair directly around the scalp to fluff. This is a resurgence of the 1960s flower child look.

Other styles favor intricate braids woven together to form wreaths or crowns around tightly pulled styles.

The most extravagant and playful braid rings into the hair. Ribbons or hairnets are then tied as if the hair were a bustier creating an air of aristocracy.

Without a doubt these hairstyles will require maintenance but can be unique enough to represent the inner personality. They can show a playfulness or grace that would otherwise be inappropriate in your everyday life.


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Blogger Roam2Rome said...

Hehe... this article pointed out different Italian/US views on beauty.

Yes, so true... it really comes down to culture gaps! Though through my travels I've seen that in the end girls everywhere really have sooo much in common!

12:03 AM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Roam Thank you even though I think you are saying that I am no longer have american tastes.

I checked out your blog. Congrats on studying in Italy. I will add you to my expats section.

5:51 AM

Blogger Roam2Rome said...

I liked your article! :)

Actually I clicked the Summer 2007 hairstyles link and read it further where it talks about the culture differences in the US and Italy and was repeating what it said since yup, I know what you meant. I see the culture differences, too...

In the end, I try to see the similarities too... an attempt to reconcile my american and italian routines, maybe? Oh well... I'm an optimist, we CAN have both worlds, right? :)

Thanks for adding my link :)

12:06 PM

Blogger Travel Italy said...

Farfallina Thank you.

The risks most expats face is that they embrace the good of both worlds and understand that no one place has all of the answers. The result is that the masses, in both countries, will see you as an outsider making intelligent debate very difficult.

I look forward to following your adventures in Rome.

12:14 PM


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